My 2016 Reading Challenge

Last night I finished reading book number 13 out of 52 planned for 2016.

According to the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, this puts me at 25% complete for the year. Barely into the second month and I’m eight books ahead of schedule. I suppose there will be weeks where I have other happenings that make it difficult to put in the time to ingest a full book in less than 7 days.

Check out my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge.

Although I don’t have a roadmap of books to be read, I’ve already purchased the next dozen or so books that interest me to be read in no particular order.

The fulfillment I feel after completing each book makes me sense my time was spent reaching a worthy goal. My vocabulary, mental imaging, and appreciation for good writing feel enlightened rather than deadened as time goes on.

I’ll check in after the next 25% of the challenge is completed.

Now, go read a M-F’ing Book.


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