My Choice Sock – Ninja Style

The weather in Portland just cooled down a bit from the 107-degree temperatures we just experienced last week. It is cool enough in the house to resort to wearing socks again, which brings me to the awesome Injinji Socks!

I have been wearing Injinji Tetratsocks for over 2 years now and they are by far the most comfortable and effective blister preventive socks I’ve ever worn.

Wool or Coolmax, they both promote air circulation between the toes, letting them breath and helping to prevent between-toe blisters and deter the growth of harmful (smelly) bateria and fungus.

The only drawback is their price of $12 to $15 per pair and they take a bit more effort to put on the toes compared to tube socks. However, this slight inconvenience is so overshadowed by the comfort.

Some people think they are somewhat uncomfortable with individual toes, but I have to say I absolutely love them. When I wear these, I dont’ have to worry about developing toe-cheese and blisters. They make my feet feel unrestricted and better balanced.

Ok…ending promotional speak and back to my irregularly scheduled program.