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I’m a bit of a maniac when it comes to having too many interests. Anyone that knows me can attest to my eagerness to try things and get involved with the things I really like.

Two things I really like, like enough to make new blogs about:

Adventure Touring and Photography.

Adventuring.Bike is my cycling-centric blog with write-ups and photos about my out-of-town adventures, gear, and scenery along the way. I don’t post every week, but rather after I’ve done an interesting ride that I want to share. Should I do gear reviews?

TQ.Photos is my dedicated photography blog where I post my non-cycling or non-artistic photos. This can include some photos from other interests but will usually be about how I got certain photos, the gear I like, or what I am trying to learn. Any feedback on how to improve my photography is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Greetings, Tomas.

    The swirl of the internet brought me to a story that involved your helping a stranded party. I thought I would look you up…and that brought me here. I am hoping you are receiving the accolades you likely deserved before this event, but certainly should be getting now. Good stuff, Tomas. Keep rolling…keep shooting the beauty. Thanks for caring.

    Mark D. Smith
    Buffalo, NY

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