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I’ve been reviewing my blog post archives for the last few years and I’ve noticed that more than half have been related to bicycling. It’s a rather important aspect to my life and well-being, but it’s not my entire life.

So, I’ve decided to resurrect Velophilia again. It was my bike-blog for 2008-2009 but i lost a number of posts during a poor attempt to change blogging platforms. Lessons learned.

Velophilia will be all about my life without a car, racing, long distance rides, bikepacking, touring, adventures, and gear.

Now this blog ( will continue to focus on the rest of my interests such as simpler living, art, and design.

Projects in the works:

  • T-shirt designs
  • Illustration Prints
  • Watercolor Practice
  • 12 Sketchbook Challenge
  • Art on the Go

I hope anyone reading my blog will feel free to chime in on the changes, current and future projects.

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