Not Anti-Consumerist

I own very little…and I continue to crop my possessions to the bare-minimums.

I don’t own any entertainment electronics like a Playstation, Xbox or even a TV. Sure, I may have a laptop and an iPhone, but both devices let me pursue the actions and adventures I deem most valuable to me.

Putting a higher value on one’s time over the collection of “stuff” is starting to work for me.

I have more time to be spontaneous, appreciate nature, go on adventures into the wilderness and other cities and really enjoy the things and actions that mean the most to me.

I no longer any:
-Entertainment Electronics
-Game Systems
-Music CDs
-Clothing for the sake of Fashion
-Collection of anything for the sake of collecting
-Annual Publications

I often have to ask myself the question many times during the purchase of an item, “Will this item help me or just be another thing to take up room, clutter my living area, or just flat out be a waste of money?” There have indeed been many times lately that I’ve picked up an item and while waiting in line I turn around and place the item back on the shelf. If I still desire or greatly need said item days later then I will posit the question again and again.

I’ve found much inspiration for this satisfying life-style from some blogs and books I’ve read about simplification and nescessity.

ZenHabits, TheSimpleDollar, Vagabonding, Voluntary Poverty,

I’ve been likened to someone on a religious quest to find God, Buddah, Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever, but my point in this life-style exercise is to get more enjoyment out of life by spending more TIME over money pursuing such a life.

Would you rather read about hiking trails around your state for 10 hours a week or spend that same time on the trail?

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