Not voices, just HDTV and Dolby 5.1 in my head.

Do you ever wonder if you have a mental problem? I do. However, I don’t really see it as a “problem” but as more of an “issue” or “condition” that can be directed for the use of “Good” and not “Evil”.

I’ve been told I should get checked for and possibly prescribed to fight “ADD”.

As defined by WebMD

What is ADD?

Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurobiological brain disorder that manifests as a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that is more frequent and severe than is typically observed in individuals at a comparable level of development. ADD begins in childhood, and, has only recently been understood, can persist into adulthood as well. While some children outgrow ADHD, about 60% continue to have symptoms into adulthood. The disorder manifests differently in adults as hyperactivity tends to diminish.

Perhaps I do have such condition, perhaps something else.

I prefer to see my mind as a room full of TVs and Radios. Each is tuned to a subject matter, each various volume settings, some on big-screens others on loud-speakers. Either way, many of them are on at the same time, some with the volume set to 11 others to 1.

Sometimes, I have days where I can control all these volume settings or which TV I’m watching, while others it’s seems that I can’t escape the channel “C-Span Meets MTV”.

But what I really ask is: Is this really a “problem”? Would I have the same views, opinions, ideas, desires and quirks if I didn’t have the selection of channels to put myself in motion? Is focusing on only one or two things in life a way to live with an infinate array of options to my picking? I think not. A hinderance, maybe, but not a “problem”.

If I were just a professional Mountain Bike Racer with only gear-ratios, shifting patters, weigh distribution and cadence on the mind would I only be a 2D shell of flesh? Does the average person really only have a one-track mind of “Live, Do Stuff, Procreate, Die”?

I may have many interests, all of which vy for my time with tooth and nail, I find that each one contributes something to my character of “Tomas” and keeps me from being a beer-swilling-NASCAR-watching-deer-hunting-red-neck.

I take a cue from the Great Master, Leonard Da Vinci and try to live my life of many aspects in some kind of balance. Granted, not all my apects are remotely close to the same level of discipline or dedication, each will enhance another.

Nay, I say to these prescriptions of “Single-channel-thinking” and wildly I will continue to surf this web of ideas, opinions, entertainment and enhancement and keep true to myself the thinking of a mad scientist that will someday help the world.

Oh look! A Puppy!

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