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I’m done with the 4 day intensive at PNCA. Thanks again to those that helped contribute money to send me, it was worth every penny as I learned so much about the Children’s publishing world. It would have taken so much longer to learn so much information on my own.

My teacher, Victoria Jamieson, did a splendid job being candid about the business, sharing her experiences, giving us a peak into her new book “Olympig” and some recently finished artwork for her next book “Pest of Show (2013)”.

Each day of the workshop, we shared some of our own favorite children’s books, reviewed dummy books and drawings, talked about the industry, shared informative websites about the industry, and heard a talk by a successful writer/author. Learned so much about what NOT to do.

It was an honor to see and hear from such notables:

It was so worth the time and money to learn about an industry that calls so strongly to me. I now feel so much more confident that I can indeed make it in the children’s publishing world.

Thanks Victoria and all my fellow classmates!

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  1. Given your adventure with the tiny house and desires to travel, as well as the fact that you work on children’s books, you may wish to read Rita Golden Gelman’s book, Tales of a Female Nomad. You may find some commonalities. Perhaps not. But it’s a good read nonetheless. 🙂

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