A “Velotine” sent to me by my Hun-Bun. It was delivered to my office while away at lunch, so it was a very nice surprise when I found this on my desk upon returning.

I can’t believe that was the only photo I took all day. I almost missed a day in this 365 Project. It’s not that interesting as far as photos go, but this card hold warm-fuzzy feelings for me so I’m going to share it with the world and call it a good.


A bit of a rambled thought while on a rambling ride.

Over the weekend, while riding in the sun with a really good friend, I had some pleasant thoughts about my current situation in life.

Focusing, but for a spec of time, on my own life. Reflecting on what has lead me up to this point in my life.

Right now: I really like my job. I like the people I work with on a daily basis. I like creating the content for it. I like that it is a set of tools to help people get outside and do the very same things I love to do. I like that I do something that matters to me and many people around the world. I like that it affords me the resources to go on these adventures with my love.

This job continually re-ignites my passion for the outdoors, riding bicycles, exploring the world around me, and sharing these experiences.

Generally I really hate talking about work in my blog. Talking about work with others normally feels like complaining, unwinding, relieving stress. But when I talk about my work with another cyclist, I get excited. I get amped up to share a part of my life that I find fulfilling. I want the listener amped about about finding their own adventures. I like sharing these experiences.

There are many other factors going on in my life that make me feel like I’m on a new high point in overall happiness. Although I get down on myself for the things I can’t do, I reflect on what I’m currently doing to bring that happiness back into my field of view.

The last couple of years have been going really well for me on so many levels that I needed to take a moment to give some gratitude for all that’s happened.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


“Whatcha thinking?” would be the title of this photo if it was taken by someone else. I was trying to photograph sneaky Gray Jays in the act of stealing my Fritos that found themselves the victim of a trip. I don’t abide by the 5-second rule when it comes to landing in dirt, but the Jays were all over it within a few seconds before I could get anything properly setup. It was like trying to get a selfie with something that moves faster than my thumb can tap the remote control.

Come back, be my friend. We have more Chili-cheese Fritos.


While off for a ride to Stub Stewart State Park, we came across a flooded road. On the other side of the flood, a group of roadies had also just pulled up and where debating a wet crossing attempt. “How deep is it?!” shouted one of the lycra-clad. “YOU FIRST”, we replied. Neither party was willing to dip their wheels in this murky mess. Having ridden this road more than a few times I knew this road couldn’t be that far into the depths.

But this fellow, with his dog soaked to the bone but eager to say hi to us, decided he was going to be the brave soul. “I only live a couple blocks away, I can get home and warm up quickly”. He simply tied his dog’s leash to the guard rail, stripped off his shirt, shoes, and socks, then trotted merrily into the murk. Although the water only went slightly over his knees, it proved that it was too deep to pedal without getting quite soaked ourselves and exposing our bikes to some cruddy conditions. We and the other group both turned around to find the detour. Along the way we crossed paths with a slight nod of approval, our egos all slightly smaller when compared this brave polar bear of Hillsboro.

Although I feel this wasn’t my “best” photo of the day, it was definitely one of the more interesting moments of the weekend that I’ll remember for some time.


Western Conifer Seed Bug

This Western Conifer Seed Bug made its way into my office today. My co-worker was kind enough to deliver him straight to my desk and right onto my hairy arm. This is NOT a stink bug. I took a bit more time than the day before to compose a few shots with a neutral colored lamp directly overhead. This fellow was quite cooperative for 15 minutes as I snapped away and tried to keep everything in focus.

Bugs, arachnids, insects, and birds never really held all that much interest for me until a few years ago when I started to take more photos. Now when I see a bug I just want to stop and figure out what it is. I no longer think of them as these gross pests but instead they are intricate, delicate, and extremely fascinating creatures that I’m finding EVERYWHERE I go.

I was able to get this shot and more with the Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm kit lens and Meike Automatic Extension Tubes.

See more shots of this fellow and other bugs on my Album of Bugs.


Today’s experiment in photography involved using the bulb-mode shutter control along with the remote control, a GoBrightz, and a fire striker. This was about using different light sources to achieve interesting and colorful results. I was quite happy to see how the sparker became a flash of sorts and the “party-mode” on the GoBrightz bike like gave me a variety of color streaks.

I really look forward to using some of these long-exposure affects in some outdoor shots and figuring out how to incorporate speed flashes and other interesting light sources.



Today, there was so much bugging me. I’m not just referring to the ACTUAL bug that made its way into our kitchen and threaten to eat our eyeballs. I was bugged by what is going on with our government.

There are several SEVERE issues at hand that every American should be concerned about.

Our Free Press, a RIGHT guaranteed by our very own Constitution, a right that is the envy of so much of the world. Our Press is being overtly publicly repressed and threatened by the very gatekeepers that charged, SWORN to protect the Constitution.

Our Education system is now overseen by someone with zero experience in education administration and believes the public school system should be dismantled.

Our Environment is under immediate threat by the dissolution of the EPA. It has already been proven countless times that we can’t rely on corporations to self-regulate their impact on our drinking water, air quality, and food supply

Our National Parks, a treasure and source of joy to every American and visitor with a pulse, is being gagged, neglected, and on the verge of being sold to every corporation with a chainsaw, jackhammer, drill, and steam shovel.

This really bugs me. What about you?