Blogging it up

I don’t know why I didn’t think of putting all three of my blogs back onto Blogspot and just point the domain names to them…sheez… I’m currently working on three blogs, two of which are about my passions, and I might add a fourth blog about Art. – This blog about me and my […]

Simple and Effective Cardio with Jump Rope

It’s so freakin’ simple…almost as primal as barefoot running, but a bit less stressful on the body but still very effective in giving one a good cardio workout.

The New Zoobomb Pyle

Friday, May 29. The new Zoobomb Pyle was unleashed upon Portland. I missed all the hoopla. I’m not much for the downhill madness on a mini-bike, but I can appreciate the creative culture that goes on with the group. blogged all about it. The ZooBombers seem to be pleased.

Cape Lookout Bike Trip

Betty on the BeachOriginally uploaded by TomasCoSauce Memorial Day weekend was spent as a bike trip out to Cape Lookout along the Oregon Coast. Four of us left Hillsboro Friday evening to ride to Elk Creek Trail and catch some Zzz’s to get an early start on Saturday. We were able to get into Tillamook […]

Going Barefoot

20090526Originally uploaded by TomasCoSauce I’m now 12 days into my great Barefoot Experiment. It has felt so liberating to not have to worry about socks, shoes and sweaty feet. I’ll keep the blog updated as I start running barefoot and any other discoveries, problems or fun times I have sans shoes. Cheers!

Just get started!

The Only Way to Get Started is to Get Started Everyone has that moment in the morning. Waking to an alarm clock, being jolted from rest, realizing the dream is over and reality has returned. One thinks “I SHOULD get up now, but I have a few minutes”. Minutes pass without stir. Suddenly, you sit […]

Duct Tape Handlebar Bags at Bike Craft 2009

I will be making a large batch of my locally famed duct-tape handlebar bags for sale at the Multnomah County Bike Fair. Where: Colonel Summers Park, Portland, OR.When: Saturday, June 27, 2pm to 7pm See the Pedalpalooza Calendar for more info!

Ride-Camp Bagby Hotsprings

Cycle Wild lead a group of eager cyclists to Bagby Hotsprings to camp, soak, and just have fun! The weather was perfect, the company was pleasant, and the springs were relaxing.

A Look Back at My First Carfree Year

This post was originally written and posted for Car-Free Portland Day, but I thought I should also put it on my personal blog since it is long over-due for an update. In October 2006, my car of 4 years started developing engine problems again…the same problems that have plagued it every year since its purchase […]

My First Triathlon

July 29, 2007Blue Lake Park – Mid-Summer Sprint Triathlon.Swim 1/2 mile, Bike 12.5, Run 3.1 For over 6 years I’ve been wanting to participate in a triathlon but I kept coming up with excuses. The main one being that I couldn’t run 3 miles. However, after a full year of inconsistent training, I finally had […]

Seattle to Portland 2007

Saturday and Sunday was the 2007 Seattle to Portland Classic Ride. I rode it in 2006. This year I really wanted to push myself and see what kind of distance and speed I could maintain on such a long course with minimal hills, supported rest stops and plenty of food and water along the way. […]

24 Hours of Portland

For anyone interested in the 24 Hours of Portland. I’m training up for the longest ride I’ve ever done in terms of just plain time spent on a bicycle. 24 Hours is my goal. See the 24 HoP blog for details.

Earth Day Festival 2007 Helmet Sale

From Earthday Fest… A couple of weeks ago I found out about a program ran by Jeff Bernards to get helmets to people that don’t have one. He was able to get enough donations and a great price on 250 helmets last year but he felt too many people took advantage of the program and […]

Race for the Roses 2007 Debriefing

Today was my first half-marathon, 13.1 miles, the longest distance I’ve ever run.I figured I could do it after running 7.5 miles with a 13lbs pack on my back and two full water bottles in my hands. I got tired, but not at all that sore and felt like I could have done much more. […]

Bike Parking Paranoia

I used to be pretty care-free about where and how I parked my bike, that is until the day my brother had his BMX bike stolen directly from him by some bullies. After that I was very careful about locking up my bike and staying away from questionable people. Even when I started high school […]

Breathe Deeply

*hack* *cough* *wheeze* *sneeze* The sound effects of my life for the past 10 days. Gladly, my sinus infection and lung-fluid has gone the way of the cockroach. Gone for now, back when you least expect it. I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t been able to get back on the bike or go for a […]

All About Balance

Sometimes I just indulge in the pleasure of enjoying a good video game. Sometimes, I admit, I indulge a little too much like the alcoholic that can’t stop after one beer. However, it’s not a chemical dependency that leaves me with a nasty hangover, but it is something that requires an opposite, a ying to […]

Feeling Strong

Today was a good day. I rode my road bike 45 miles all around Milwaukie with my good friend, Matt. Then I came home and while literally running a couple of errands, I ran 4 miles with a 10-pound pack on my back. Today, I’m only a little sore in one of the knees from […]

Snow Day and Night

Late Addition: 26.3 miles of snow-biking goodness. Portland finally got some REAL snow today! We had a sorta-snow-day last week, but it was only enough to cover the ground, look pretty, then it all melted by lunch-time. I awoke to 3 inches of powdery stuff on the ground and the temperatures somewhere in the 20’s. […]

Move By Bike Times 2

Update! Steph R has posted her bike move pictures on Flikr. Move by Bike 2 and 3 These last two weekends I’ve assisted some strangers in a “Move By Bike“. First was “Kirsty’s Aquatic Bike Move” and then this past Saturday was the “AaA:aAA Bike Move to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative Address”. I had […]

Any Light is a Helmet Light

Here I have my 3-watt LED Mag-Lite Mini mounted on my helmet with a “LiveStrong” band. It doesn’t put out a beam as usable as the Petzl Tikka XP, but it’s good in a pinch. I won’t be using it to replace my Tikka, but if I ever need to use a handheld light, this […]

Your Results May Vary

Or: How I Spent my Friday Night. By Tomas, Age 30 After spending most of Friday looking for work, submitting resumes to online sites, scouring Craigslist, and talking to a technical recruiter, I really needed to get out of my apartment for a while and get a good workout. Around 5pm, I changed into my […]

Light Up My Life!

Life…ride…whatever…riding is life! Ever since I’ve started riding my bicycle at night much more often, I’ve been obsessed with trying to find a good bicycle light that doesn’t cost as much as my bicycle and gives plenty of lumens to light the road. I previously used a Nite-Rider Trail-Rat but I gave it to my […]

First Things First

Happy 2007! May this year be better than 2006! I’ve been trying to get myself back on track with my fitness training. Running around Portland, riding my bicycle everywhere and piling on the miles, pull-ups and hand exercises to get ready for rock climbing. So, I started the year at a party at the Portland […]

Running with Red Lizards

I finally started running again since my little break. I had a bit of a rough time back in October and November that I had to work through and now I feel like I can start doing the activities I enjoy once again. Tonight, I ran with a local group that call themselves “Team Red […]

Running with Insomnia

My sleep habits have been all over the place over the last month or so. I’ve had nights where I would sleep for 13 to 14 hour straight or in 15 minute chunks over 12 hours, waking, checking time, and falling asleep again with no REM time at all. Lately, I’ve been getting about 2 […]

I’m OK

I’m OK, really. I may be currently jobless, broke and maybe even a little depressed and desperate…I’m actually OK. I have the drive to learn something new and go after what I want. I also have the friends to support me and help me in any way they can. For them, I am happy. I […]

Talk Like A Pirate Day

My pirate name is: Iron Tom Bonney A pirate’s life isn’t easy; it takes a tough person. That’s okay with you, though, since you a tough person. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate’s life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr! Get your own pirate […]

Midnight Run

It’s 2am, and I just finished a run. I think I did about 5 or 6 miles running from my apartment down to Martin Luther King Bulevard and back. It was the stroke of midnight when I started my trot into night. I don’t know what came over me. I suppose I just felt really […]

A Change in the Wind

I no longer work for the Port of Portland. I care not to discuss the details of my departure, but in short, it didn’t work out. I’m not freaked out like when I lost my job with Event Solutions Inc. back in 2002. No sir, I feel like this is a perfect oppurtunity to find […]

Not Fast Enough

100 Miles – 8 Hours Saturday was a training day. I was hoping to ride 100 miles in 6 hours, but ended up riding it in 8 hours on the nose. Actual riding time was probably close to 7 hours since I had a number of potty breaks, buying food & drink, traffic stops, and […]

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