While taking care of laundry, I noticed some birds in my pile of quarters. Sure, we all know about the American Bald Eagle that has graced the “tails” side of quarts for decades beyond memory, but did you know about the Wild Turkey of Louisiana or Great Blue Heron of Delaware? Photographing shiny objects on a shiny surface with significantly less-than-idea lighting is quite a challenge to keep from getting the ISO noise associated with low-light especially while using a 10mm macro extension tube.   Continue reading →


Portland is covered in a sheet of ice, everyone is at home watching the icicles form, and our birdie neighbors scavenge for seed. Home Tweet Home still sits empty awaiting a Chickadee family to settle in. See the full-res version on my Flickr Stream.


I was in downtown Portland on a blistery cold night for a design talk. On my way home, I spied this great view of the train station that called to me. The reds and oranges contrasted against the cold night sky and work lights no the vehicles below was something I had to capture.


NO RUNNING NO DIVING. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered this pool that was closed down for the season but I didn’t have my nice camera to photograph it with a long exposure and mini-tripod. The lighting was even more creepy this night as everything glowed a eerie amber hue.


Returning from Oxbow regional park, we spotted Mt Hood peaking from behind the saplings. The light of the day made the mountain shine and call my name. The Salsa Timberjack (AKA Timbre-Jacques) handled quite well with a light load and made my ride very comfortable throughout the day. Will ride again.  


Quick overnight trip to Oxbow Regional Park. It was a great shakedown of my new Salsa Timberjack. The only diffulty of the day was the 20-30mph headwinds that made it feel like well-below freezing temperatures.  Good times. 


The early morning commute gives me time to look around, explore a little bit of the neighbourhood, and take a moment to appreciate a well done bird mural. 


Today, RidewithGPS.com turned 8 years old. I could not be more excited to work with this crew. Thanks for everything Cullen, Zack, KPR, Purdy, Will, Chad, Quinn, Jordan, AJ, and Brian. I’ve been with the company for over two years and look forward to many more. 


20170125 I’m going to miss my Pebble 2 when Fitbit finally kills it. There is so much about the design and practically they executed so much better than Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Today, the emoticon design was spot on.  This isn’t a particularly difficult photo to take, but getting a glare-free shot of a watch face is not without its challenges.