Today marks 6 years since Audrey and I started dating. We started the day with a nice breakfast at Helser’s on Alberta. I recommend the smoked salmon hash.

Then we went over to Powell’s City of Books to get some light reading material.

We also hit up the Backyard Birdshop for some bird-related supplies and house for chickadees. Home Tweet Home.

Then we ended our day with dinner at the same exact table where we first hung out until 2am getting to know each other.

Bananagrams, Beer, Legos, and Terminator Stout Shake to complete our night.


Happy how the new configuration feels with a straight handlebar, mtb brake levers, front sack, set back saddle post, and knobby but narrow tires. I’ve ridden this bike for two years but these changes make it feel like a whole new machine. 

Today is also the first out of ten where I can finally ride with sliding on snow and ice. 

The PDX winter weather pattern that is typical for this time of year, has returned. 

55F and Raining. 


While intending to photograph a dramatic lighting of this flying bicycle toy with a single point of light, I inadvertently summoned the Batman.

Lessons learned in this photo:

  • Having a mini tripod and shutter remote is incredibly useful.
  • The Hinged screen on camera has earned it’s worth.
  • Shooting in Manual allowed me to get this shot virtually noise free.
  • Several future photo ideas popped into my head while processing.
  • Need some sort of generic clamp for pointing a light where I want it.
  • Shadows are difficult to get very crisp.