The Hunt Continues

Yes, yes, yes…I am still searching a job. I’M SEARCHING SO HARD! I haven’t recieved any calls for interviews yet, but I’m still hopeful…still hopeful. What have I done? Uh…ermm… Last Wednesday (June 8) I hiked Dog Mountain with a local mountaineering group call the Mazamas. It was just under 3000 feet of elevation gain […]

Open Drawing Night

I went to an open Life Drawing session today. This is the only day I’ve draw since early March. Wow, I felt rusty at first, but by the time I got to this drawing, I was feeling much more confident. I will be going to other Life Drawing sessions at different locations this week and […]

Migrating West

My car with all it’s traveling junk on top near the first quarter of traveling through Wyoming. It wasn’t too cold, but enough for the snow to stick to the ground but not the highway. You can’t tell, but it was REALLY windy out there! 

The Final Stretch

Well, Friday was the “Final Stretch” of my long and treacherousjourney into the West. I had a decent rest at the “Sleep Inn” but couldn’t get the internetaccess to work, I think the port in my room didn’t work and I didn’thave a wireless adapter at the time. It was a perfect sunny day to […]

The Next 18 Hours

I know the update is late, but here it is, so stop whining. Thursday, May 12 2005: After sleeping a few hours preceding my brush with Tornado drivenDEATH, I prematurely awoke on my comfy bed of $75 per night when I hadonly slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. So, cleaned up I got, dressed andpacked […]

The Migration Begins – The First 15 Hours

Wow, what a night. I just finished 15 hours of driving throughMichigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and about a third of Nebraska. I left home around 10:45am Tuesday morning after having breakfast withmy roomate, Adam, one last time. Driving through Michigan wasn’t atall eventful and the same goes for Indiana. As for Illinois, someone is going […]

Turn Off That Television!

What Would AJ Do? – The Cellphone That Killed Your TV I admit it, I sometimes miss my Television watching. I’ve now gone 4 years without cable in my TV save for the short time I was living with my Friends, Derek and Steph, and it frees up a bunch of time and stress of […]

Mountain Bike Time Trial

Derek and I at my first Mountain Bike Time Trial at Stoney Creek Metro Park. 

Dreams and Ex-girlfriends

I often wonder what my dreams are trying to tell me or why certainthings appear that I haven’t thought about in years. Last night I hada very vivid dream (in stereo) about finding a new job, which is OK,but what weirded me out is that I got a job at a toy store, the verysame […]

Google Search: finding yourself

Google Search: finding yourself Finding Myself, Who Am I, What Do I Want? Not Finding Nemo, but finding myself. I seem to question myself and this nature of being on a regular basis as of late. I don’t know if it’s my ambition, my state of affairs, selling most of my worldly possession or social […]

So Much Stuff

I have too much stuff. I have so much stuff, I sometimes go through the books I own only to find something I somehow bought twice because I forgot I already own one. I have so much stuff, I spend more time managing it around my tiny room that I never seem to have time […]

You Don’t Understand, I want to learn EVERYTHING Inquiring minds have this problem of always being inquisitive. Seriously! I struggle to keep myself from going even MORE into debt every time I go to the bookstore to find a specific book. If you let me, I’d walk out with carts of books with every little subject I have even the smallest interest. […]

Not voices, just HDTV and Dolby 5.1 in my head.

Do you ever wonder if you have a mental problem? I do. However, I don’t really see it as a “problem” but as more of an “issue” or “condition” that can be directed for the use of “Good” and not “Evil”. I’ve been told I should get checked for and possibly prescribed to fight “ADD”. […]

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