Today’s daily photo was brought to you by the letter “G”. The weather in Portland was to icy for cycling so we stayed indoors to warm ourselves with the destructive power of Godzilla 1992.

I have literally owned this Godzilla toy for 23 years and have taken several photos in years passed but none so elaborate. It was really challenging to get all the lighting conditions and affects just so without resorting to photo manipulation. I’ve only adjusted the exposure and color balance ever so slightly to bring out the background light dispersal.

Fun times.

20170108 x 365

It was icy cold out today. “Go play in the snow” she said. “It’ll be fun” she said. It’s nice that she is handy with a match to help thaw me out.

Some thought and time went into this photo. While my minifig was freezing in the ice-cube tray, I did some practice shots with Audrey’s minifig. I had to figure out how to shoot close in and clear, bounce light off of an index card from the built-in flash, and how to get the match lit in a strong breeze.

It was cold, icy, windy, wet, under an umbrella, camera on a mini tripod, 16-55mm kit lens with 10mm macro tube, and a huge box of matches. Totally worth it.


Today, I put my beloved “Crushinator” up for sale on Craigslist. There are a few goals coming up this year that require some specialized equipment that must be funded by the sale of this beast and another.  I caught the very last bit of sunshine on my office building to get this shot.  I don’t consider it a particularly good shot, but I have an emotional response and memories that this photo will forever trigger.


Today’s photo is a great start for my 365-2017 project. Each day, I plan on posting my best photo taken that day. I don’t have any particular theme in mind, but you will likely see birds, nature, landscapes, bicycling adventures, and my day-to-day sights of the Pacific Northwest.

This burrowing owl has been eluding me all week, twice striking out on previous attempts, but tempting me with daily updates via the OBOL mailing list.

All images will be available on my Flickr Stream and 2017×365 Album.