It just makes sense

Coding has taught me to look for ways to be efficient. Why do we write dates as MM-DD-YY? or now MM-DD-YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY? We write time as HH:MM:SS, right? Each set moving left is a power of the set on the right. So why don’t we write YYYY-MM-DD? Or just YYYYMMDD? I could even incorporate time into the date: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS providing we are using 24-hour clock. Example: 20050913153600 is the time of this post.

I Can’t Do That Anymore

Ever reach a point in your life when something you’ve been doing for some years, months, weeks or days, can no longer be done? Back in 1994, I was working at a rental hall for over two years as a kitchen staff slash handyman. It was sometimes hard work with awkward hours on the weekends, a couple of weeknights and occasionally a minor holiday like Memorial Day. I hated it. There was nothing challenging about it that a simple teen couldn’t do. I felt it Continue reading →

Free Expression, Not Free Marketing

I think it’s very nice that Google offers free Blogger accounts to any hu-man that would like to record their thoughts, ramblings, shout-outs, or whatever they please to use for personal reasons. What is flat out evil are the people that take advantage of this free space and create Marketing Blogs that just have a bunch of posts with keywords for whatever it is they are trying to sell, picture of said items, or just nothing but links to what they are trying to sell. Continue reading →

The Tour is Coming

The 2005 Tour de France starts this Saturday, July 2. I’m very excited at the prospects of Lance winning this seventh in a row Tour, but I just have this gut feeling he’s not going to do it. I was also pesimistic about it last year and look what happened. I hope I can find a channel to watch it on this Saturday during our BBQ…maybe Lee is also interested in watching… Unfortunately, I’m completely shut off from all forms of internetformation at the Port Continue reading →

The Hunt Continues

Yes, yes, yes…I am still searching a job. I’M SEARCHING SO HARD! I haven’t recieved any calls for interviews yet, but I’m still hopeful…still hopeful. What have I done? Uh…ermm… Last Wednesday (June 8) I hiked Dog Mountain with a local mountaineering group call the Mazamas. It was just under 3000 feet of elevation gain in just a few miles. Most of the trail was very steep and just KILLER on my calves and glutes. On the way down, it tortured my quads like nothing Continue reading →

Open Drawing Night

I went to an open Life Drawing session today. This is the only day I’ve draw since early March. Wow, I felt rusty at first, but by the time I got to this drawing, I was feeling much more confident. I will be going to other Life Drawing sessions at different locations this week and again to this one next Monday. You can see the rest of the drawings if you go to 

Migrating West

My car with all it’s traveling junk on top near the first quarter of traveling through Wyoming. It wasn’t too cold, but enough for the snow to stick to the ground but not the highway. You can’t tell, but it was REALLY windy out there! 

The Final Stretch

Well, Friday was the “Final Stretch” of my long and treacherousjourney into the West. I had a decent rest at the “Sleep Inn” but couldn’t get the internetaccess to work, I think the port in my room didn’t work and I didn’thave a wireless adapter at the time. It was a perfect sunny day to finish making my way to Boise, Idaho andonto Oregon. Fluffy clouds, bright sun and rolling hills on eitherside of the highway. It was so nice. As I crossed the border Continue reading →

The Next 18 Hours

I know the update is late, but here it is, so stop whining. Thursday, May 12 2005: After sleeping a few hours preceding my brush with Tornado drivenDEATH, I prematurely awoke on my comfy bed of $75 per night when I hadonly slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. So, cleaned up I got, dressed andpacked myself back into the car. I was back on the road by 10:30amEST. This early rise after not going to bed until 3am was probablydue to my nocturnal conditioning of Continue reading →

The Migration Begins – The First 15 Hours

Wow, what a night. I just finished 15 hours of driving throughMichigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and about a third of Nebraska. I left home around 10:45am Tuesday morning after having breakfast withmy roomate, Adam, one last time. Driving through Michigan wasn’t atall eventful and the same goes for Indiana. As for Illinois, someone is going to get a kick in the balls (ormammaries) for their Chicago area construction planning. I got stuckin an “express lane” of some sort for several miles before I saw asign Continue reading →

Turn Off That Television!

What Would AJ Do? – The Cellphone That Killed Your TV I admit it, I sometimes miss my Television watching. I’ve now gone 4 years without cable in my TV save for the short time I was living with my Friends, Derek and Steph, and it frees up a bunch of time and stress of having to be home to catch a show or dealing with the frustration of flipping through channels trying to find something to watch or even worse, watching the same commercials Continue reading →