Turn Off That Television!

What Would AJ Do? – The Cellphone That Killed Your TV

I admit it, I sometimes miss my Television watching. I’ve now gone 4 years without cable in my TV save for the short time I was living with my Friends, Derek and Steph, and it frees up a bunch of time and stress of having to be home to catch a show or dealing with the frustration of flipping through channels trying to find something to watch or even worse, watching the same commercials dozens of times per hour.

I miss being able to watch Mythbusters, Monster Garage or American Chopper, Tour de France Coverage, or WRC footage.

However, these shows don’t necessarily negate the effect that most commercials have in making me transform into a large muscular green guy that feels he has to smash everything in his path.

What really has begun to irritate me is the invasive and hypnotic effect that TV seems to have on myself and other people in public places. Every time I go to one of those crap-on-the-walls restaurants, they inevitibly have several ceiling mounted TVs throughout the place that are tuned to some sports broadcast or witless sitcom. I don’t even like those types of shows but can’t help but watch and try to read their lips or closed captions.

“Ah, I’m really enjoying this steak! Oh look, a feminine hygiene product commercial…Gah, my eyes! Give them back!”

The fight for our eyes and social lives is on! Behold the TV-B-Gone!

I am SO getting one of these things and putting it into a cellphone.


Dreams and Ex-girlfriends

I often wonder what my dreams are trying to tell me or why certain
things appear that I haven’t thought about in years. Last night I had
a very vivid dream (in stereo) about finding a new job, which is OK,
but what weirded me out is that I got a job at a toy store, the very
same store that my ex-girlfriend from high-school works. Deanna
Robinson, why do you still occassionally haunt my dreams? This is now
the third time you’ve been in one of my dreams as my wife. I haven’t
seen you since 1998 nor have I even spoken to you.

Why don’t I have dreams with my other ex-girlfriends with whom I’ve
had more pleasing relationships? Did they not mean enough to me? Why
not about Jennifer? I was crazy about her.

Shit…now I’ve got a splitting head-ache.


Tomas Quinones
Professional Geek

Google Search: finding yourself

Google Search: finding yourself

Finding Myself, Who Am I, What Do I Want?

Not Finding Nemo, but finding myself.

I seem to question myself and this nature of being on a regular basis as of late. I don’t know if it’s my ambition, my state of affairs, selling most of my worldly possession or social structure, but I seem to ask myself the question “What the Fuck am I doing?”.

Who I was. Am I comparing myself to what I was 10 years ago? 5 Years ago? Last month? Next Year? 5 Years from Now? or 10 years from now?

I’m a rambling of incoherent thoughts tonight since it’s almost 3am and I’m usually well asleep by this hour on any regular night.

I’m a geek, for certain. I can be passionate about what I want and what I think is right. I will go out of my way to do something. I will not do something simply because it takes the slightlest iota of effort.

I was an artist. I am an artist. I will be an artist. The varying degrees of this aptitude through the years has been argueably immeasurable but flucuating from the point of unimaginative square to flourishing beatnick. One day I’m drooling over computer issues the next I’m mopping my salivation over some fine paintings.

I cannot tell you what or who I am to any exact measure or that I will always be that way. Humans are not static, we are not rocks. But even if we were rocks, even rocks change ever so slightly over time.

I’ve sometimes wondered if there really is something different about me compared to average American.

Am I doing the right thing for myself by moving out to Portland? Should I be concerned over such thoughts as these and go with my gut instinct and move?

If there is someone here that I find myself interested in, should I take that plunge and see if the interest is returned and put my migration to the west on hold? Or is the mere thought of rejection the inhibition that blocks the simple words of “What’s your phone number” from fumbling their exit from my noise tube?

Will anyone see me as being special or as just some nutjob?

Why do I torment myself with such questions during times of mental and physical exhaustion? Are any of these questions going to be privvy to a solid answer that isn’t covered in foggy grays of incertainty or ambiguity?

It’s true. There is someone that was mear inches from me at some point that I wanted and even tried to say something along the lines of asking if they were available and if I could contact them, but all I could seem to muster on my face was a squinting smile. This pains me to even realize that I can’t break that preverbial ice.

My self confidence with the opposite sex seems to be completely shot by my embarrassment of current financial and dental short-comings. The only thing I can seem to do is look them in the eye and smile but nothing more. How can I break this deamon? How do I get over it?

Shit…tonight’s entry probably has the dept of a 16-year-old’s “Livejournal” about their daily events and how they are such a tortured soul that nobody understands and their fame will never be known.

My keyboard accuracy is dropping below that of a one handed cyber-sexxor on the verge of climax with his fictional mistress. I think I should get some sleep then spend part of tomorrow working on my 100 “I am” list.

Love, Luck, and Lollipops.

So Much Stuff

I have too much stuff. I have so much stuff, I sometimes go through the books I own only to find something I somehow bought twice because I forgot I already own one. I have so much stuff, I spend more time managing it around my tiny room that I never seem to have time to enjoy any of it.

Case in point: I have had a guitar, bass guitar, and electronic piano for over a year and I’ve only touched any of them for a few hours total. All of them interest me so, but I don’t have enough hours in the day to practice enough to become proficient on any one instrument. I should rephrase the opening sentence of this paragraph to read “I had a guitar…”

I have many volumes of manga that I’ve never really thoroughly examined and appreciated. I have video games that have only been started but never finished at least once. I have bicycle that is neglected because I don’t have a good spot to practice flat-land tricks. I have art supplies that have gone to waste because I haven’t taken the time to ever use them. I have so many interestes and enjoyments in life that I can never really take the time to get really good at any of them.

I can’t wait until I’m done selling all this stuff. I want a simpler life to live with not so much stuff to manage.

You Don’t Understand, I want to learn EVERYTHING


Inquiring minds have this problem of always being inquisitive. Seriously!

I struggle to keep myself from going even MORE into debt every time I go to the bookstore to find a specific book. If you let me, I’d walk out with carts of books with every little subject I have even the smallest interest.

I don’t know about you, but in addition to learning how to make my own battling death robot, reading fiction, learning foreign languages, art, and the unpredictable behavior of the blogger, I just can’t get enough of them books.

Books on EVERYTHING. I seriously almost bought a book on the the significance of “Pi” just because it was a geek thing to do. I’d probably get bored and sell the book soon afterwards, but I would have read the first couple chapters or skimmed through it to get some significant facts and figures so that I can be a geek around other geeks.

Latest Book Purchases: “How to Restore Your Collector Bicycle” and “Zinn’s Cycling Primer”. Two bicycle related books to help me learn more about the trade I love as a hobby and would love to make a living by it someday.

Gah…my wishlist on Amazon.com is growing quite rapidly every time I research available books on any given topic. I do prune it every so often, but I still grows with books I wish to look at to see if they are indeed what I seek in wisdom.

What am I? Mad? Eccentric or just plain insane?

I’ll be the judge of that!

Not voices, just HDTV and Dolby 5.1 in my head.

Do you ever wonder if you have a mental problem? I do. However, I don’t really see it as a “problem” but as more of an “issue” or “condition” that can be directed for the use of “Good” and not “Evil”.

I’ve been told I should get checked for and possibly prescribed to fight “ADD”.

As defined by WebMD

What is ADD?

Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurobiological brain disorder that manifests as a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that is more frequent and severe than is typically observed in individuals at a comparable level of development. ADD begins in childhood, and, has only recently been understood, can persist into adulthood as well. While some children outgrow ADHD, about 60% continue to have symptoms into adulthood. The disorder manifests differently in adults as hyperactivity tends to diminish.

Perhaps I do have such condition, perhaps something else.

I prefer to see my mind as a room full of TVs and Radios. Each is tuned to a subject matter, each various volume settings, some on big-screens others on loud-speakers. Either way, many of them are on at the same time, some with the volume set to 11 others to 1.

Sometimes, I have days where I can control all these volume settings or which TV I’m watching, while others it’s seems that I can’t escape the channel “C-Span Meets MTV”.

But what I really ask is: Is this really a “problem”? Would I have the same views, opinions, ideas, desires and quirks if I didn’t have the selection of channels to put myself in motion? Is focusing on only one or two things in life a way to live with an infinate array of options to my picking? I think not. A hinderance, maybe, but not a “problem”.

If I were just a professional Mountain Bike Racer with only gear-ratios, shifting patters, weigh distribution and cadence on the mind would I only be a 2D shell of flesh? Does the average person really only have a one-track mind of “Live, Do Stuff, Procreate, Die”?

I may have many interests, all of which vy for my time with tooth and nail, I find that each one contributes something to my character of “Tomas” and keeps me from being a beer-swilling-NASCAR-watching-deer-hunting-red-neck.

I take a cue from the Great Master, Leonard Da Vinci and try to live my life of many aspects in some kind of balance. Granted, not all my apects are remotely close to the same level of discipline or dedication, each will enhance another.

Nay, I say to these prescriptions of “Single-channel-thinking” and wildly I will continue to surf this web of ideas, opinions, entertainment and enhancement and keep true to myself the thinking of a mad scientist that will someday help the world.

Oh look! A Puppy!