You like comic books? OF COURSE YOU DO. You should get your butt down to Books with Pictures on 6/3 to celebrate its 1-year birthday anniversary. Keep it up Katie!  


Fuck Racism. I had to see this memorial with my own eyes. I regularly ride up and down this ramp or use the MAX. There were at least 6 reporters on the scene, dozens of people milling about, and a dark cloud overshadowing all. The Portland MAX stabbing is just so horrible, I can’t even bring myself to link to any particular story to give it’s murderous bastard any more publicity than he has already received. BRING ON THE LOVE TO ALL.    


Our last evening in Eastern Oregon was spent in the Starkey Experimental Forest. From the time we got off of i-84 until the following morning, we had only seen about 12 people THE ENTIRE DAY. ┬áIt was so quiet and amazing. This was probably our best night’s sleep in a long time.  


I am a rock. You cannot see me. Zzzzzzz. Wow. I can’t believe how close we got to this owlet. We were just walking toward another site and BOOM owlet at our feet. It was so camouflaged it just sat there pretending to be a rock. When we came back around, it had moved to a base of a tree to sleep off the heat of the afternoon.


I feel so extraordinarily lucky to have had this chance to photograph an elusive Great Grey Owl right here in Oregon. This was such a great day of walking through nature, taking photos, and watching birds that I’ve only ever seen in nature videos.  


Taking the Blerchmobile on the road for the weekend. This has been such a great adventure-mobile for us taking our adventures all over the Pacific Northwest.  


“I bring you all here today to witness my ascension to greatness.” “Frank, you’re a chickadee like both of us. We can ALL fly” “Bob, can you…just…give me this moment?”


It seems that the local squirrels and I have been competing in frequent staring contests. They usually win the “not blinking part” but I always win the “not scampering away in fear for life” contest. Except that one time the squirrel pulled a nice and threatened to cut me. I think that’s what he said. I’m a little rusty on squirrel dialect.