Pedal-Powered Animals

The drawing of 24 Pedal-Powered Animals has been COMPLETED!

Click for a complete list of animals

Thanks to Audrey for all the emotional support and to my friends for the positive feedback and encouragement to finish all the pages.

I’ve drawn so many hours in the last 3 days that I’m in physical pain. I haven’t drawn this much in such a short time span since 1998 when I completed my first Ballistic Kitty comic, or the 36 hours I spent drawing, tracing and painting animation cells in 1995.

What’s next?

Now I have to get all these images onto my computer, cleaned up, converted to vectors and organized into a format for printing into a coloring book.

But one thing that is still nagging me, what to do for the cover? I will likely choose one of the pages and paint it in watercolor then add the title and relevant text in Photoshop.

When this project is printed and ready for sale, it will first be available December 3 & 4 at BikeCraft 2011 then eventually on my Etsy store and hopefully some local Portland stores!


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