Please Avoid Fitness Gadgets

These sort of gadgets drive me crazy.

There are some many specialty products that I believe don’t quite work as well as doing the exercise they hope to replace. Their claims all seem outrageous and each of them MUST coincide with a reasonable meal plan. I don’t even want to put any pictures of these products on my site.

I beg you, my readers, please do not buy any of these items. I’m only highlighting them an their absurdity. These statements are purely my own opinions.

Here we go:

The Shakeweight “A prestigious California University…” but they fail to mention the specific school so that I may validate their claim. Please, unless you are training to be a porn star, don’t waste your money. When the batteries die, you’re just suck with a 2lbs weight.

The JumpSnap A jump rope, minus the rope! You could get a similar effect by just jumping in place with something heavy in either hand. Jumping rope is easily learned by pre-schoolers. Why can’t an adult do it? The only thing I can agree with during the infomercial is that jumping rope is an excellent way to burn calories and develop your calves.

Thigh Toner – I can think of hundreds of activities that will be far more effective then bending a large chip clip between my legs. I’ve gone through this motion numerous times while driving with a 32oz Big Gulp between my legs.

The Power Plate MY5 – Shaker. It might force one to use stabilizer muscle groups, but the entire notion of shaking something to get fitter was debunked way back in the 30’s with the vibrating belt trend. I can get a similar workout by riding the light-rail and standing without hanging on to anything.

AbZone – It takes up far more space than a comfy-chair, not nearly as comfy. Really…I don’t see how this is going to give anyone a workout unless they are recovering from a spinal injury, which in that case, they should be in physical therapy.

Just get out an do something simple like go for a long walk, start running, play with the kids. It’ll all be far more effective and cost so much less than these gadgets.


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  1. Don't forget to dis the "electrocute your abdominal muscles into a six pack" zap belts.Oh, and bow-flex's incredible, unjustifiable price tag (HOW many easy payments?!?)

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