Race for the Roses 2007 Debriefing

Today was my first half-marathon, 13.1 miles, the longest distance I’ve ever run.
I figured I could do it after running 7.5 miles with a 13lbs pack on my back and two full water bottles in my hands. I got tired, but not at all that sore and felt like I could have done much more.

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The Bad:
– Single waterbottle up the middle of my lower back is difficult to get to once the arms start getting tired.
– Pre-hydrate
– Home-made gel-flash holster didn’t work too well, flash fell out by mile 1.5
– Keep water handy when trying to eat a gel
– Illiotibial Bands and hamstrings really started hurting by mile 9.5 or so
– Eyestrain from overcast to sunny weather
– Biceps and Right shoulder started hurting at mile 10.5

The Good:
– The belt mounted water bottle was comfortable and didn’t cause any problems.
– Injinji socks didn’t blister my feet at all.
– Asics Gel TG-2110 felt good.
– Nike running shorts were OK.

– Wear photochromatic sunglasses to adjust to light conditions.
– Overdress if cold
– Wear MP3 Player if running solo
+ Post-run routine
– Recovery drink
– Painkillers
– Lip Balm
– Fresh Socks and Shoes or Flip-flops
– Stretching Routine

– Practice Drinking and Eating on the run

The next Half-Marathon in the plan is the Sauvie Island Half-Marathon on July 4. I still have a long way to go with my physical training before tackling a full Marathon distance of 26.2 miles, but I’m confident that I will be more than fully ready for the Portland Marathon on October 7.

From Race for the …

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  1. Yay you TGreat big Giant hugs!I am so happy and proud for you. You really are followign through with what you want to do and it is amazing what you are acomplishing ..ofcousre condiering the work youare doing I guess it only follows that you would be successful. *grins*anywayYay you!

  2. You look handsome and happy. Not as cool as your action-figure biking costumes, but nice anyway. Sam is learning to ride a bike.

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