Race for the Roses 2007 Debriefing

Today was my first half-marathon, 13.1 miles, the longest distance I’ve ever run.
I figured I could do it after running 7.5 miles with a 13lbs pack on my back and two full water bottles in my hands. I got tired, but not at all that sore and felt like I could have done much more.

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The Bad:
– Single waterbottle up the middle of my lower back is difficult to get to once the arms start getting tired.
– Pre-hydrate
– Home-made gel-flash holster didn’t work too well, flash fell out by mile 1.5
– Keep water handy when trying to eat a gel
– Illiotibial Bands and hamstrings really started hurting by mile 9.5 or so
– Eyestrain from overcast to sunny weather
– Biceps and Right shoulder started hurting at mile 10.5

The Good:
– The belt mounted water bottle was comfortable and didn’t cause any problems.
– Injinji socks didn’t blister my feet at all.
– Asics Gel TG-2110 felt good.
– Nike running shorts were OK.

– Wear photochromatic sunglasses to adjust to light conditions.
– Overdress if cold
– Wear MP3 Player if running solo
+ Post-run routine
– Recovery drink
– Painkillers
– Lip Balm
– Fresh Socks and Shoes or Flip-flops
– Stretching Routine

– Practice Drinking and Eating on the run

The next Half-Marathon in the plan is the Sauvie Island Half-Marathon on July 4. I still have a long way to go with my physical training before tackling a full Marathon distance of 26.2 miles, but I’m confident that I will be more than fully ready for the Portland Marathon on October 7.

From Race for the …