Return of the 32-inch Waist Line

Alternate Title: Where the bloody hell has my 812.8mm stomach been for 8 years?

When I moved to Oregon of May 2005, I weighed 165lbs and had a 34-inch waist. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of exercise, eating better and cutting out the junk food that I used to eat throughout a work day.

Result: This past weekend I weighed in at 149lbs and a 32-inch stomach. To celebrate, I bought two pairs of jeans since my other two pair where over 2 years old, very baggy, and falling apart.

I can’t remember the last time I weighed 149lbs…maybe 1996?

Why is this such a big deal for me? Well, try doing a pull-up. Barely got one done? Now strap 15lbs to your waist and try again…even harder isn’t it?

I’ve been struggling with rock climbing and keeping my body weight hanging from just a couple of finger-tips. I figured that if I can lose 20lbs, it will be that much easier to climb and let me hang for much longer. So far, so good.

My daily weigh-ins are still dropping so in a couple more weeks I could be down to 145lbs.

Now, if I get to 135lbs, then I’d have to start losing muscle and my body fat percentage would be too low for me to do any serious endurance rides.

Do you think 135lbs is too light for me? How about Bruce Lee? That guy was 135lbs in Enter the Dragon. Pure muscle. BAD-ASS.BAMF = BAD ASS MUTHA FUCKER

Ok, realistically, I don’t think I can get my body fat percentage that low, I have to fond a craving for things chocolate and my weekly pizza appreciation. However, I think I may have a good shot at 140-145lbs if I really work at it, but see myself getting back up to 150lbs if I put on much more muscle mass.

We shall see.


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  1. Yes, but was that when he was wearing flats or high-heels? 😉Very cool, TQ. I’ve got a ways to catch up with you.

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