Running with Red Lizards

I finally started running again since my little break. I had a bit of a rough time back in October and November that I had to work through and now I feel like I can start doing the activities I enjoy once again.

Tonight, I ran with a local group that call themselves “Team Red Lizard“.

We started at the Fremont Street “Foot Traffic” running store around 6:30pm, ran down to “Peacock Lane” to see a display of Christmas lights then turned around, trotted through Laurelhurst Park and back up to the store for a potluck feast, which I had no idea was going on till we started back home.

5.4 Miles

It was a good run. I didn’t feel too bad and my knees didn’t start bothering me until the last third of the run that involved going uphill. Everyone was very nice, there were cute girls and I got some free munchies and socializing.

Keep trotting,

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