School Starts for Winter 2010

School has started!

It has been over 14 years since I graduated from Madison High School and I’m FINALLY getting my act together and going to college. It’s not that I didn’t have something to do in those 14 years, but rather I did something I thought made me happy.
Now, I’m pursuing a higher education in hopes that I can get into jobs that are of interest to me rather than taking what comes and just going with it. I’ve made some good money in the past, but it didn’t make me happy. I’d rather pursue an education and the career that will make me happy or at least set me on the path to find what I seek.
The first few days at Portland Community College have been a little hectic as everyone is scrambling to get their books, supplies and make changes to classes.
I’m taking four classes in the Winter 2010 term.
WR121 – English Composition
MTH60 – Introduction to Algebra
ART131 – Introduction to Drawing
ART181 – Painting 1
I’ve had to go to class each day carrying my laptop, books, art supplies and rain gear, all together topping at least 30lbs of gear. Now that I know which books I can take to class and which to leave home, my load is only a couple of pounds lighter on my back. However, now that I have to carry painting supplies two days a week, my load is heavy again. Unfortunately, since I don’t have a car to act as a locker, I have to carry everything around with me to class and between classes. Nothing like carrying a large portfolio full of canvases and a bucket full of paints and brushes to a writing class.
Now that I have financial aid to pay for school and food stamps to pay for eating, I just need some paying WORK to pay for everything else I need!
Wish me luck on this term!

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