Silencing My Naysayers

I was inspired to write this post after reading Tammy’s write-up about Naysayers.

I’ve grown up around naysayers and found that I no longer have the energy to deal with them. I’d rather not associate with someone whom only seems to have negative things to say when I set goals or set out to accomplish anything challenging.

Here’s a quick list I was told “You can’t do that”, “Won’t work”, “Pointless”, “Bad for you”.

If I had listened to my naysayers, I would be bored, morbidly obese, and working on an assembly line.  I still have many goals to reach that people still say I can’t do, shouldn’t do, or it’s idiotic to do.

To them I give the middle finger and say “Watch me” as I leave them to their TV shows, self-inflicted boredom, and mediocrity.
So Angry

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  1. awesome. i would still be back home, probably working in the oil refineries if i listened.
    fuck you, i won’t do what you tell me!

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