Simple Running

Run as Naked as Possible.

Leave the watch, GPS, iPod, backpack, heart rate monitor, pedometer, or whatever other gadgets you would normally take on a run and just get out there and run!

So many people, myself included, focus so much on the exercise and training aspect of running that we get caught up in the technical frills and beating the clock that we no longer sense running around as being “Fun”.


I find myself feeling far more pleasant when I don’t worry about the mileage, pace, time, e-mails, sms, heartrate, or exact location or which track is playing in my ears. The rustle of trees, earth and twigs under my feet, birds chirping, squirrels barking at my presence, scents of woods and flowers, white noise of running water.

The most enjoyable run I’ve had was on a trail to Cape Lookout Point. No music, conversation, pacing, time, or phone calls. I had a gps in one hand to find my way back, camera in the other to record my adventures. Should I do it again, both electronics would be left behind and only running shorts upon my body.

Despite the jump in mileage, I felt accomplished, exhausted but utterly AMAZING. It was Zen-like and hours of meditation and nature appreciation.

You will run with a smile on your face the entire time.


  • Run in an area you are familiar
  • Take a waterbottle so you may stay out longer
  • Go shirtless (if the law allows)
  • Take in the scents of the area
  • Listen to the sounds of your own breathing and footfalls
  • Go as fast or slow as you like
  • Play as you run, jump over the bench, do cartwheels, sprint past the barking dog
  • Ignore Time

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