Snow Day and Night

The Hawthorne BridgeLate Addition: 26.3 miles of snow-biking goodness.

Portland finally got some REAL snow today! We had a sorta-snow-day last week, but it was only enough to cover the ground, look pretty, then it all melted by lunch-time.

I awoke to 3 inches of powdery stuff on the ground and the temperatures somewhere in the 20’s. I tried to run some errands, but the places I needed to go to were all CLOSED due to the snow. Oh come on…it’s not the end of the world, it’s just some snow!

So, I went for a really long walk/run of about 6 or 7 miles before coming to the realization that I could be riding my mountain bike in this stuff!

I did just that.

7:30pm to 12:30am, I rode from my apartment, up and down Mt. Tabor, down the 205 bike path, over to the Willamette River via Springwater Corridor, through downtown Portland, up to Forest Park, in for one mile, then back downtown to catch the Max home.

Blimey! It was so cool to be riding on some nicely packed snow! I wanted to do it many times in Michigan, but the rock salt that permeates all Michigan roads would have just killed too many bike parts. Oregon doesn’t use salt! Woohoo!

A few interesting sights on this night-time adventure.

  • 2 guys on ATVs on the Springwater Trail (Bad people!)
  • 3 coyotes at the entrance to Forest Park
  • 1 crazy lady wearing a cardboard box on her head like a hat
  • 1 kid yelling “You’re Crazy! Crazy!” as I cycled by him
  • Me yelling back “I might be Crazy, but I’ve never felt better!”
  • Both water bottles partially freezing to the consistency of a Slurpee
  • At least 15 other riders doing the same thing as me!



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  1. Dude! You are the man!

    Now that it’s all slushy, I’m too chicken to go out until the slippery spots have melted. Next time, I’m going out in the fresh stuff, too.

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