So Much Stuff

I have too much stuff. I have so much stuff, I sometimes go through the books I own only to find something I somehow bought twice because I forgot I already own one. I have so much stuff, I spend more time managing it around my tiny room that I never seem to have time to enjoy any of it.

Case in point: I have had a guitar, bass guitar, and electronic piano for over a year and I’ve only touched any of them for a few hours total. All of them interest me so, but I don’t have enough hours in the day to practice enough to become proficient on any one instrument. I should rephrase the opening sentence of this paragraph to read “I had a guitar…”

I have many volumes of manga that I’ve never really thoroughly examined and appreciated. I have video games that have only been started but never finished at least once. I have bicycle that is neglected because I don’t have a good spot to practice flat-land tricks. I have art supplies that have gone to waste because I haven’t taken the time to ever use them. I have so many interestes and enjoyments in life that I can never really take the time to get really good at any of them.

I can’t wait until I’m done selling all this stuff. I want a simpler life to live with not so much stuff to manage.

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