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Draw the dog you want, not the dog you have. We also don’t have a dog. I spent most of this day working on a drawing project rather than running around taking photos of real dogs. Apologies for potato resolution of the potato dog. You should enjoy Patao_dog. We call him Potato-dog.  


Second day in Eugene, wandering our AirBnB’s property I happen to come across this tiny house hanging in a tree. It made me think about our own tiny house, the Cozy Cottage in which we were guests of the weekend, and how small of a house a bird needs to be “happy” as much as […]


The sun is out, it’s a GREAT day, and I’m staying indoors all weekend to work on personal projects.


One of my favorite photos from today’s product shoot. Get Inspired, Not Lost.

Project 2017×365: 90 Days Down

I’m now 90 days, 3 months, or a quarter of 2017 into my self-imposed 2017×365 Photography Challenge. I’ve challenged myself to take at least one photo with the intent of improving my technique. Why am I doing this? These 365 days of “intentional” shooting with specific ideas and techniques being practiced should help develop my skills […]


Hanging with the birds. It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re stuck around terns.


Fishtank Friday! While visiting a friend in Seattle, I couldn’t resist staring at this microcosm of serenity.


I just wanted to get something to drink from the fridge, but here I find a camera staring back at me. Maybe it’s the CIA? GoPro Hero Black 5. Fisheye is Fun.


My daily photography project is really helping me see light, angles, composition, and color all in a new angle. I used to be rather afraid of color. I always felt that my eyes didn’t quite see the world in the same as everyone else, but as I finally dipped into painting with acrylics, watercolors, and […]


The troops are ready to do battle….with my liver.


“Just working on my bike in this dramatically lit corner. Don’t you do maintenance like this too?” Special thanks to TheBrianHanley for being my model and allowing the bike to nearly fall on his face. This was a really fun exercise in skewed perspective and putting an interesting scene to use. It’s also one of the […]


Drive-thru birding at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. We stayed inside the car the entire time, but was saw so many birds during this visit. Now that I have a 600mm lens, I can finally zoom in and get an eye-full of all the avian glory. Literally, thousands of birds, mostly waterfowl but also included dozens of […]


I plead with the light to do my command, but Blinky likes it harsh while Blinky II lights things softened up. Lumens! I knew thee well. Self portraits are only fun when something silly is being done. A flash, a tripod, and willingness to look stupid in an office hallway are a good place to […]


Product Photography is a thing? It’s a thing. Not really my thing, but a thing I respect now that I’ve tried to shoot a few products for work. This was all done out of sheer curiosity as I have all the gear to get some good shots. They mostly turned out kind of poo-poo but […]


A tiny monster lives in my camera bag. Huge in eye, creepy in leg, and bright in view, this creature is always ready to light up the sky. I can see that this fellow is plotting my over-exposure to the world. Unstable with its ball-jointed legs, the tripedal beast looms overhead, ready to blink me to […]


It was dark, gray, cold, wet, winter day in Portland. No better way to fight the seasonal blahs that to consume colorful foods. 


A “Velotine” sent to me by my Hun-Bun. It was delivered to my office while away at lunch, so it was a very nice surprise when I found this on my desk upon returning. I can’t believe that was the only photo I took all day. I almost missed a day in this 365 Project. […]


“Whatcha thinking?” would be the title of this photo if it was taken by someone else. I was trying to photograph sneaky Gray Jays in the act of stealing my Fritos that found themselves the victim of a trip. I don’t abide by the 5-second rule when it comes to landing in dirt, but the […]


While off for a ride to Stub Stewart State Park, we came across a flooded road. On the other side of the flood, a group of roadies had also just pulled up and where debating a wet crossing attempt. “How deep is it?!” shouted one of the lycra-clad. “YOU FIRST”, we replied. Neither party was […]


We wandered Mt Tabor in search of creatures of the night. Instead, we find other monsters slumbering in the dark. Their lair marked by striped barriers. Sleep, you long necked beasts and eat no more.


This Western Conifer Seed Bug made its way into my office today. My co-worker was kind enough to deliver him straight to my desk and right onto my hairy arm. This is NOT a stink bug. I took a bit more time than the day before to compose a few shots with a neutral colored […]


I was in downtown Portland on a blistery cold night for a design talk. On my way home, I spied this great view of the train station that called to me. The reds and oranges contrasted against the cold night sky and work lights no the vehicles below was something I had to capture.


NO RUNNING NO DIVING. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered this pool that was closed down for the season but I didn’t have my nice camera to photograph it with a long exposure and mini-tripod. The lighting was even more creepy this night as everything glowed a eerie amber hue.




While intending to photograph a dramatic lighting of this flying bicycle toy with a single point of light, I inadvertently summoned the Batman. Lessons learned in this photo: Having a mini tripod and shutter remote is incredibly useful. The Hinged screen on camera has earned it’s worth. Shooting in Manual allowed me to get this […]


We spent our morning tracking down a few bird-themed murals. This particular mural by Apeseven was one of my favorites. It’s so large, clean, colorful, and the way the feathers were created really inspires me to create more art. Location undisclosed until I can re-visit and take more photos with better, more interesting light.


Loa has kept a watchful eye on me all day. This old gal always wants scritches, pets, and snuggles as much as she can. Spent the day in with the dogs. Supplemental photo:


It’s been a tiring week. Snow storms. Biking. Dog-sitting. Be like Kylee and finish off a Friday with some snoozing.


Today’s daily photo was brought to you by the letter “G”. The weather in Portland was to icy for cycling so we stayed indoors to warm ourselves with the destructive power of Godzilla 1992. I have literally owned this Godzilla toy for 23 years and have taken several photos in years passed but none so […]

20170108 x 365

It was icy cold out today. “Go play in the snow” she said. “It’ll be fun” she said. It’s nice that she is handy with a match to help thaw me out. Some thought and time went into this photo. While my minifig was freezing in the ice-cube tray, I did some practice shots with […]


Working late on a Friday night. Not because there is any deadlines or pressure, but I really enjoy my job and take the occasional evening to learn something new or practice new skills.

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