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BikeCraft 2018 Recap

Another BikeCraft in the bag! Thank you everyone that stopped by my table for a chat, bought some coloring books or prints. It’s been really great to get feedback from so many people in and out of the bicycling community. It really makes me want to hit up other shows and keep producing more work. Having the event at TaborSpace was far more condusive to a craft show than last year’s show at Bike Farm which isn’t really an event venue at all. There was Continue reading →

Inktober 2018

I just completed 31 days of Jake Parker’s Inktober Challenge by drawing 30+ different internet-famous dogs. Mostly Boston Terriers and Frenchies. What is Inktober? In short, the rules are as follows: Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want). Post it (Instagram, Twitter, other social media) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018 Repeat I completed the challenge in 2017 by drawing more animals on bikes  and was eager to do it again in 2018. My Theme Well, up until Continue reading →


Starting month 5 with a simple snapshot of one of my bikes with a mural. I haven’t spent much time with the better camera in the last couple of weeks as I try to finish off some other creative projects that have taken me far longer than anticipated. This mural can be found at 15th and NE Burnside on the side of Columbia Art Supply. I didn’t see the artist’s signature anywhere on the piece, I’m probably just blind. But I will credit them as Continue reading →


Another full weekend of drawing, tracing, rendering, and making vector art. I haven’t spent this much time on an art project in such a long time. It feels AWESOME to see something start to come together. I can hardly wait to share the full project with the rest of the world soon. Also, my first weekend with a new eye-glass prescription in 5 years. These new glasses feel so much easier on my eyes. Back to it!

Registered for BikeCraft

I just completed my registration for BikeCraftPDX! Although, I did attend BikeCraft during the 2009 Multnomah County Bike Fair with my Duct Tape Handlebar Bags, I will be there in December 3 & 4 with bikey watercolor illustrations. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve last shown my artwork to the public and made it for sale, but I think I’ll do all right. The duct tape bags got some attention, but I wasn’t all that crazy about making them with a resource that wasn’t Continue reading →