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Inktober 20171005

Trying inking with a Copic multiliner. Please with the results and line variation, but not as organic feeling as using the brush pens. I have a soft spot for robots on bicycles.


Racing season on Mt Tabor has started, but the lighting for sport photography wasn’t the greatest. It’s challenging to capture the movement in such low light without using a flash.


Gears make the world go round and round. I always liked riding by this sculpture on NE Williams and Cook Street. You can see it pretty well from Google Street View. Sculpture by Ivan McLean. There’s even a nice article about this sculpture over at Bikeportland.org


“Just working on my bike in this dramatically lit corner. Don’t you do maintenance like this too?” Special thanks to TheBrianHanley for being my model and allowing the bike to nearly fall on his face. This was a really fun exercise in skewed¬†perspective and putting an interesting scene to use. It’s also one of the few times I’ve asked someone to model specifically for a photo. Fun times!


Birthday parties at the Lumberyard are always a great opportunity to see some tricks. So grateful to the riders I kept bugging with my speedlights. This was the first time I’ve taken the flash out with a wide-angle lens to capture riding of this kind. There was also an umbrella’ed light that I tried to incorporate into other shots, which turned out interesting. See the rest of the shots on my Flickr Stream.