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Happy how the new configuration feels with a straight handlebar, mtb brake levers, front sack, set back saddle post, and knobby but narrow tires. I’ve ridden this bike for two years but these changes make it feel like a whole new machine.  Today is also the first out of ten where I can finally ride with sliding on snow and ice.  The PDX winter weather pattern that is typical for this time of year, has returned.  55F and Raining. 


I had another photo but as the snow started falling, I couldn’t help but admire the bicycle tracks in the snow. We’re supposed to get a few inches by tomorrow. Love it.


Today, I put my beloved “Crushinator” up for sale on Craigslist. There are a few goals coming up this year that require some specialized equipment that must be funded by the sale of this beast and another.  I caught the very last bit of sunshine on my office building to get this shot.  I don’t consider it a particularly good shot, but I have an emotional response and memories that this photo will forever trigger.