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This is a typical day of commuting on Williams in NE Portland. I saw a few cyclists ahead of me, but as I checked over my shoulder I was astounded at the number of cyclists still coming up the road. It’s difficult to capture the true number of cyclists that use this route. Probably in the thousands per day, no doubt.  

Pedal-Powered Animals

The drawing of 24 Pedal-Powered Animals has been COMPLETED! Thanks to Audrey for all the emotional support and to my friends for the positive feedback and encouragement to finish all the pages. I’ve drawn so many hours in the last 3 days that I’m in physical pain. I haven’t drawn this much in such a short time span since 1998 when I completed my first Ballistic Kitty comic, or the 36 hours I spent drawing, tracing and painting animation cells in 1995. What’s next? Now Continue reading →

Blogging on the Go

Now the I have a Droid X and have moved my blog over to WordPress, I can now more easily update and maintain my site whole out and about on the bike. Yay technology! Note: tandem in picture is not mine Always blogging on the go, Tomas Quinones