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“Show my good side, no wait, this side, this side, this light, here, now, now, now, here. BLUE STEEL”. Red-breasted Nuthatch


I am a rock. You cannot see me. Zzzzzzz. Wow. I can’t believe how close we got to this owlet. We were just walking toward another site and BOOM owlet at our feet. It was so camouflaged it just sat there pretending to be a rock. When we came back around, it had moved to […]


I feel so extraordinarily lucky to have had this chance to photograph an elusive Great Grey Owl right here in Oregon. This was such a great day of walking through nature, taking photos, and watching birds that I’ve only ever seen in nature videos.  


PHOTOBOMBED. I was trying to get a nice photo of the Black-headed grosbeak when all of a sudden this house sparrow jumped in the way to hog what little limelight was left in this tree. What’s so special about the Black-headed grosbeak? They’re a migratory bird that is only in this area for summer breeding […]


Even while spending my entire weekend in front of a computer monitor, I still found a moment to appreciate the birds in our front yard. Black-capped Chickadee.  


*Knock-Knock* Who’s there? *Knock-knock-knock* Who is THERE?! *Knock-knock-knock-knock* *knock-knock* Hmm. Bushtits aren’t very good at knock-knock jokes. We should probably replace that window.


First thing this morning, we opened our front door to find a stunned Anna’s Hummingbird right next to the doorway. We can only assume it was in a territorial chase when it hit the front door and knocked itself silly. ¬†At first, we thought it was dead, but after Audrey scooped him up in her […]


Did you know that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs? Look at this foot? It’s like a velociraptor is about to hunt me down and eat my eyeballs for breakfast. Trying out a rental lens. The Sony FE 4.5-5.6 70-300mm G OSS was really nice for the close-in birding but lacked the zoom range […]


Today’s photo is a great start for my 365-2017 project. Each day, I plan on posting my best photo taken that day. I don’t have any particular theme in mind, but you will likely see birds, nature, landscapes, bicycling adventures, and my day-to-day sights of the Pacific Northwest. This burrowing owl has been eluding me […]