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Wow, what luck! Not one…or two (seen here) but THREE juvenile Barred Owls in Forest Park. We were riding back for the night, nearly finished with our ride when we saw a large bird fly in front of us. Then a second. As we stopped to take photos, a third owl perched right above our heads. All three were making screeeeeeeches every 10 seconds or so as if they were calling for another. Maybe calling for the parents to feed them? They didn’t seem too Continue reading →


“I bring you all here today to witness my ascension to greatness.” “Frank, you’re a chickadee like both of us. We can ALL fly” “Bob, can you…just…give me this moment?”


Pets on Broadway has some new window paintings. Makes me think of Audrey’s blog “Tweets and Chirps“. I had the sun right behind me while taking the photo but I was able to incorporate this day-star into the scene.


Bewick’s Wren Peep-Peeps. We found this nest so exposed but we had to get a quick photo. After the snap, we quickly covered the nest as it should have been and left it alone as much as possible. It’s so funny to see a nest with live hatchlings, so upclose, and below eye level. I really worry about the myriad of neighborhood cats that have been seen wandering the yards and can EASILY jump on top of this nest. Neighbors would probably get upset if Continue reading →


St Francis, hanging with his Murder of crows. It was a wonderful day to walk around downtown Portland for a couple of hours. The air was warm, people were smiling, and the air fragrant with the passing of Winter. This is one of the rare times I’ve wandered an area with the expressed purpose of trying to find “A good photo or two” without a specific target or idea in my mind.  I only kept a few of the 100 shots I took, but this Continue reading →


While taking care of laundry, I noticed some birds in my pile of quarters. Sure, we all know about the American Bald Eagle that has graced the “tails” side of quarts for decades beyond memory, but did you know about the Wild Turkey of Louisiana or Great Blue Heron of Delaware? Photographing shiny objects on a shiny surface with significantly less-than-idea lighting is quite a challenge to keep from getting the ISO noise associated with low-light especially while using a 10mm macro extension tube.   Continue reading →

Road Trip to the Painted Hills

We decided to take a long holiday weekend drive over to the painted hills. Neither of us have never been there and as one of the “Seven Wonders” of Oregon, it has been on our minds the last few years. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect, we saw some very nice scenery, and the birds came out to play. All phtotos can be found in my Flickr Album: Painted Hills Road Trip or click through this slide show: