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This beetle, the size of a penny, was such a good model for me tonight. It sat on my deck and on this flower with the patience only an invertebrate could have.


First thing out my front door, a purple flower. Photographing something at night with flash produces some interesting backgrounds that don’t require much in the way of processing but tend to be underexposed.  


I really love having a garden in front of our house rather than a huge lawn. It’s so much more interesting to gaze at the iridescence of an iris rather than the sea of green stubby-bladed grasses full of weeds.


Oh dandelion, you’re such a dandy lion. The mark of summer is here and the sun is making everything and everyone go crazy. Bask in it’s light and warm as long as possible, for the skies of gray soon return to bring the rains and pains. Sure, it’s a weed, but it’s one of those flowers that captivate our minds with the mystic abilities of floating seeds blown into the winds. Now, think of Flick and how he will bring warrior bugs back to the Continue reading →


  Back home at the Hunny House in Portland after driving for 2+ hours to get from Eugene back to Portland, I’ve spent the better part of my day, and well, weekend working on a series of drawings that I hope to share very soon. Just in time to watch one of the first buds opening on the lilac trees. Working with such limited light, it was very challenging trying to get such colors to really pop out. Using some light bouncing trickery, I was Continue reading →