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I never grow tired of watching the humbird right outside our front door.  It’s so hard to get an action shot of a bird the size of large grape that moves at 99% the speed of light.


First thing this morning, we opened our front door to find a stunned Anna’s Hummingbird right next to the doorway. We can only assume it was in a territorial chase when it hit the front door and knocked itself silly.  At first, we thought it was dead, but after Audrey scooped him up in her gentle hands, he quickly warmed up and started showing some signs of lift. We poured a tiny bit of sugar water into a humbutton and ever-so-gently pressed the tip of Continue reading →


I never get tired of trying to photograph the hummingbird. They move so fast and never stop for more than a blink of an eye. During the time it takes to read this post, the hummingbird has flown the distance of 4 light-minutes. They exist throughout space-time, always and never here nor there. I love them.