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That hair! I was never into spiders at all until I got some extension tubes for my camera. Now I can use the 16-50mm kit lens with a extension and focus really close on something so small. Who knew that jumping spiders could be so cute?  It’s crazy to think this little fella is only 3-4mm across.  


This Western Conifer Seed Bug made its way into my office today. My co-worker was kind enough to deliver him straight to my desk and right onto my hairy arm. This is NOT a stink bug. I took a bit more time than the day before to compose a few shots with a neutral colored lamp directly overhead. This fellow was quite cooperative for 15 minutes as I snapped away and tried to keep everything in focus. Bugs, arachnids, insects, and birds never really held Continue reading →


It’s been really gross outside so it made me want to stay indoors all day. However, I did just get an old-fashioned safety razor to replace my long lived Mach3 razors since I only shave about once a week which gave the blades time to rust and get dull. Lesson from this photo shoot along with the shots from yesterday, photographing shiny metal objects up close is quite challenging. Colors, extreme light sources, reflections, contrast, and all the little details come right in the photo. Continue reading →


While taking care of laundry, I noticed some birds in my pile of quarters. Sure, we all know about the American Bald Eagle that has graced the “tails” side of quarts for decades beyond memory, but did you know about the Wild Turkey of Louisiana or Great Blue Heron of Delaware? Photographing shiny objects on a shiny surface with significantly less-than-idea lighting is quite a challenge to keep from getting the ISO noise associated with low-light especially while using a 10mm macro extension tube.   Continue reading →