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Wow, what luck! Not one…or two (seen here) but THREE juvenile Barred Owls in Forest Park. We were riding back for the night, nearly finished with our ride when we saw a large bird fly in front of us. Then a second. As we stopped to take photos, a third owl perched right above our heads. All three were making screeeeeeeches every 10 seconds or so as if they were calling for another. Maybe calling for the parents to feed them? They didn’t seem too Continue reading →


This beetle, the size of a penny, was such a good model for me tonight. It sat on my deck and on this flower with the patience only an invertebrate could have.


“I bring you all here today to witness my ascension to greatness.” “Frank, you’re a chickadee like both of us. We can ALL fly” “Bob, can you…just…give me this moment?”


We spent our Saturday riding the mountain bike trails at Alsea Falls just Southwest of Corvallis. The weather, trails, and flow were all perfect.  


PHOTOBOMBED. I was trying to get a nice photo of the Black-headed grosbeak when all of a sudden this house sparrow jumped in the way to hog what little limelight was left in this tree. What’s so special about the Black-headed grosbeak? They’re a migratory bird that is only in this area for summer breeding with Washington being their Northern tip before they head south again. Here’s the one good photo I was able to get of the black-headed grosbeak before the house sparrow decided Continue reading →


“My Tail is delicious!” Sure, Mrs Squirrel. Delicious. What other lies do you have to perpetuate on the delicacy of squirrel anatomy? Squirrels aren’t exactly known for their honesty.


Even while spending my entire weekend in front of a computer monitor, I still found a moment to appreciate the birds in our front yard. Black-capped Chickadee.  


A real world example of what artists call “1-point perspective”. Notice how this road of petals disappears┬áinto a single point in the center. Billions of blossoms died to pave the way for a lady and her dog to “go walkies”.  


It’s Springtime in Portland! The cherry blossoms are in bloom and will peak in the next few days. Love this time of year as everything starts growing at a crazy pace, pollen fills the air, and birds are in constant song. ┬áI’ll definitely be posting some more cherry blossom photos in the next couple of weeks as the blooms complete and the petals fall like snow. Stay tuned to this blog.


I never get tired of trying to photograph the hummingbird. They move so fast and never stop for more than a blink of an eye. During the time it takes to read this post, the hummingbird has flown the distance of 4 light-minutes. They exist throughout space-time, always and never here nor there. I love them.


Drive-thru birding at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. We stayed inside the car the entire time, but was saw so many birds during this visit. Now that I have a 600mm lens, I can finally zoom in and get an eye-full of all the avian glory. Literally, thousands of birds, mostly waterfowl but also included dozens of hawks, eagles, kestrels, red-wing blackbirds, and many others I was unable to identify. Two of the most interesting-to-me birds we saw today were a pair of Bald Eagles, which were Continue reading →