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Wow, what luck! Not one…or two (seen here) but THREE juvenile Barred Owls in Forest Park. We were riding back for the night, nearly finished with our ride when we saw a large bird fly in front of us. Then a second. As we stopped to take photos, a third owl perched right above our heads. All three were making screeeeeeeches every 10 seconds or so as if they were calling for another. Maybe calling for the parents to feed them? They didn’t seem too Continue reading →


This is a typical day of commuting on Williams in NE Portland. I saw a few cyclists ahead of me, but as I checked over my shoulder I was astounded at the number of cyclists still coming up the road. It’s difficult to capture the true number of cyclists that use this route. Probably in the thousands per day, no doubt.  


Fuck Racism. I had to see this memorial with my own eyes. I regularly ride up and down this ramp or use the MAX. There were at least 6 reporters on the scene, dozens of people milling about, and a dark cloud overshadowing all. The Portland MAX stabbing is just so horrible, I can’t even bring myself to link to any particular story to give it’s murderous bastard any more publicity than he has already received. BRING ON THE LOVE TO ALL.    


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to see parts of Portland from an angle well above ground level. It definitely helps me see the city and lights in a different way. Whatever is going down in Pioneer Square reminds me of the latter part of ET:The Extra Terrestrial when the federal/scientist/authorities put the tents up around the Eliot household.  


I’ve posted shots of the cherry blossom bloom on the waterfront already, but this shot captured the density of the bloom and the number of people out and about on this fine Sunday afternoon. I counted at least 50 tripods being used while wandering the waterfront but oddly enough only counted 2 selfie sticks. If you needed a glamor shot, this was  the day to do it.


It’s Springtime in Portland! The cherry blossoms are in bloom and will peak in the next few days. Love this time of year as everything starts growing at a crazy pace, pollen fills the air, and birds are in constant song.  I’ll definitely be posting some more cherry blossom photos in the next couple of weeks as the blooms complete and the petals fall like snow. Stay tuned to this blog.


I was in downtown Portland on a blistery cold night for a design talk. On my way home, I spied this great view of the train station that called to me. The reds and oranges contrasted against the cold night sky and work lights no the vehicles below was something I had to capture.


We spent our morning tracking down a few bird-themed murals. This particular mural by Apeseven was one of my favorites. It’s so large, clean, colorful, and the way the feathers were created really inspires me to create more art. Location undisclosed until I can re-visit and take more photos with better, more interesting light.