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I am a rock. You cannot see me. Zzzzzzz. Wow. I can’t believe how close we got to this owlet. We were just walking toward another site and BOOM owlet at our feet. It was so camouflaged it just sat there pretending to be a rock. When we came back around, it had moved to a base of a tree to sleep off the heat of the afternoon.


I feel so extraordinarily lucky to have had this chance to photograph an elusive Great Grey Owl right here in Oregon. This was such a great day of walking through nature, taking photos, and watching birds that I’ve only ever seen in nature videos.  


  Our first visit to the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene, OR. We’ve been wanting to get over here for a couple of years now and finally had the opportunity to spend an evening with these amazing birds. This Gyrfalcon named Nike really grabbed my attention with her remaining eye and curiosity. From CRC’s website: Nike¬†was rescued on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington in February 2005 by raptor researcher and bander Dan Varland, who had noticed she had an eye problem. Dan transferred her Continue reading →