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“Ok everybody, we need to stay in V-formation!” “You mean like this?” “PERFECT!”


Our last evening in Eastern Oregon was spent in the Starkey Experimental Forest. From the time we got off of i-84 until the following morning, we had only seen about 12 people THE ENTIRE DAY.  It was so quiet and amazing. This was probably our best night’s sleep in a long time.  


The slightly bright and non-forboding antique build is a gentle reminder of repurposing old for new.  The Bakery Blocks building is now home to a dozen companies that bring livelihood to the area.


Peaking through the portal to get a glimpse of the world as it is. Or is this a reflection of what was?


Branching out with blossoms. Spring is Portland is pretty rad.


The Tillikum Bridge. Still hate the name. It’s lovely to behold, but the traffic control on either end is kind of a confusing nightmare.


Yes, it’s yet another blue sky, but so someone living in Portland it is a screaming ball of fire that brings strength and life back to the Pacific Northwest. I especially like the lens-flare caused by STARING AT THE SUN.


St Francis, hanging with his Murder of crows. It was a wonderful day to walk around downtown Portland for a couple of hours. The air was warm, people were smiling, and the air fragrant with the passing of Winter. This is one of the rare times I’ve wandered an area with the expressed purpose of […]

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