The 10,000 Mile Challenge

I found myself in need of a personal challenge that will push me further. I want to improve my dedication, self-discipline, endurance, physique, and focus. I’ve discovered that riding 25 miles or more per day really helps me in all these areas as well as clears my mind and keeps me in a really good mood.

If I reflect on my accomplishments of 2005, I’ve done the following rides:

  • Ride to work at least 75% of the time (22 miles per day)
  • The Torture 10,000 (78 miles, 8,000ft elevation of it)
  • The Providence Bridge Pedal (35 Miles)
  • 100-mile training ride
  • The Numb-Nuts 150 (150 miles)

I don’t really have a solid number of the miles I pedaled last year, but I would estimate about 4,000 total.

Matt P. and I did some math that showed that if we rode to work 5 days a week, we would have well over 6,000 miles. Then I started thinking and factoring in all the training rides, fun rides, and races that I wanted to do this year and I started to get about 7,500 miles. I figure that with a bit more effort per week, I could top 10,000 miles! That would definitely be more mileage on bicycle than in my car for the year.

I’ve made a rough schedule in a spreadsheet to track and plan my rides all the way to December 31, 2006. It’s going to take some LONG weekends to do this, but I’m certain I have the physique to make it.

However, the question remains…what is my motivation? I lack sponsorship, reward, and recognition. Why should I put myself under such pressure?

I suppose I felt the need to accomplish something outstanding this year and this just seemed like something that wasn’t going to cost me anything more than some extra food, water and a lot of personal discipline.

I’m open to suggestions for motivation and sponsorship…new bike? Cash? PS3? If I don’t do it…then I get nothing. But as of right now, the only thing I get is healthier.

Here is a glimpse of my spreadsheet:
Insane Schedule.  I'm already running behind!

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