The Barefoot Update

I’m still going barefoot as much as possible and have even run my first quarter-mile sans shoes. Blisters have caused a little bit of a set back, but the skin is healing quickly. I can’t really say that my feet feel any tougher as I can still feel every little pebble and bump but rather they are much like going outside without sunglasses. At first, the sun is so bright it hurts your eyes but eventually they adjust but still feel the brightness.
The Feet Need to Breath
I’ve gone into a few grocery stores sans shoes and not been bothered by staff to re-shod. However, I was a Powells the other night after several hours in the bare and after 15 minutes in store, a staff person asked me to put something on the feet. A little on the rude side but I didn’t really feel like arguing at the point so I put on the sandals I keep handy for just a moment.

Out of all the places I’ve walked outside and around downtown Portland, the one piece of glass that finally embedded itself into my foot originated from my own basement. Go figure.

To get around town a bit more easily and not have to worry so much about glass and rough pavement, I may make some huaraches or see if I can get a hold of some Vibram FiveFingers.

I’m loving the progress so far and can’t wait to try some serious distance pitter pattering of my size 10 bare feet.

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