The Final Stretch

Well, Friday was the “Final Stretch” of my long and treacherous
journey into the West.

I had a decent rest at the “Sleep Inn” but couldn’t get the internet
access to work, I think the port in my room didn’t work and I didn’t
have a wireless adapter at the time.

It was a perfect sunny day to finish making my way to Boise, Idaho and
onto Oregon. Fluffy clouds, bright sun and rolling hills on either
side of the highway. It was so nice.

As I crossed the border into Oregon, it became clear that I was indeed
in another land. Mountains, very green grass, and valleys. Ah,
refreshment. It was inspiration to keep going until I made it to

About 6.5 hours later, I made it to Multnomah Falls just East of
Portland on Highway 84 just off the coast of the Columbia River. I
will be posting my first pic of it tonight. Keep in mind that when
the picture was taken, I only had about 16 hours total of sleep in
three full days and have been driving for over 34 hours. Mind the

Even though I ran into some drizzle in Oregon, it never developed into
full blow rain downpour…until later.

About 6pm EST (I think) I finally made it to Matt and Kris’s house in
Milwaukie, just south of Portland. Man…I was beat. It was such a
relief to see them again and be at a place I could finally rest for a
few days.

We went out to dinner and drove around a bit the local area, we even
went to Fry’s Electronics (My Favorite Electronics Store) to get my
computer a wireless ethernet adapter. yay!

I think it ended up being about midnight local time before I finally
crashed in my bed that was so pleasently supplied by M&K.

Unfortunately, this part of the trip was probably the least eventful,
and least memorable since exhaustion tends to mess with my memory of

And now…my new life begins…


Tomas Quinones
Professional Geek

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