The Next 18 Hours

I know the update is late, but here it is, so stop whining.

Thursday, May 12 2005:

After sleeping a few hours preceding my brush with Tornado driven
DEATH, I prematurely awoke on my comfy bed of $75 per night when I had
only slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. So, cleaned up I got, dressed and
packed myself back into the car. I was back on the road by 10:30am
EST. This early rise after not going to bed until 3am was probably
due to my nocturnal conditioning of not being able to sleep-in past
9am on a week day. *sigh*

Nebraska, sans Wizard of Oz grade weather patterns, is quite the
boring drive. Long stretches of 2-lane divided highway with the
frequent occurance of farms and various livestock. If I had not just
been in the storms and hailing, I would have not known anything had
happened to the area. No downed trees, powerlines or other weird

After driving for an hour and realizing I needed food and petrol, I
pulled-over at a gas station that seemed to be Nebraska’s Mecca of
knock-off merchandise and other things that children would want but
should have. Various knife-based art works such as the
knife-scorpion, the Skull with Knife-Teeth, the flying killing thing
from “Krull” but with only three blades and skulls in the handle and
other weapons of death that are all reasonably priced at $29.99.
Other things of interest included a miniature ridable version of OCC’s
“Black Widow” chopper that looked like it was meant for children but
actually had very small engine, not some cheap plastic power-wheels

As I drove on, I came across the Platte memorial archway. I don’t
know jack about it other than it’s an unfinished bridge that spans the
highway but doesn’t have any ramps leading to it. Very weird in my

On to Wyoming…

Why-Oh-Ming. Much more interesting in landscape and roadway
navigation than Neb-Rass-Kah. As soon as I crossed into the land of
Ming, I was surrounded by shear cliffs and mountain passes. Hurrah!
Something to admire! But admire I did only in small doses for I was
determined to get into Idaho before I called it a day so the only
stops I made were for refueling.

Now, I was making good time for a while there, but I started to notice
that my fuel efficiency was going WAY down in the Miles-Per-Gallon, so
naturally I started to worry that something was wrong with my car. On
top of this worry, I started driving to “Medicine Bow” mountain range
which went from sunny and clear to slightly snowing with an inch or
two on the ground but no snow on the road at all. It was as if the
snow didn’t fall on the road, only on the shoulder and grasslands. I
eventually stopped at a pull-over area where truckers can install or
remove chains from their tires so I could throw away accumulated
banana peels and that’s when I noticed that the wind was a strong
20-30mph at least at all times and was causing my car to shake a bit
since I had the aero-dynamics of an elephant at this point.

I eventually made one last stop in Wyoming before crossing into the
norther corner of Colorado. A very busy Pilot station was a welcome
stop to me since all previous stations in this state were very small
gas stations with sub-par facilities that reaked of “Red-Neck”
influences. What was special about this stop is that the very cute
girl at the counter did charge me for one of the two items I had
bought. “You got a good deal tonight”, “I did?”, “Yes, look at your
reciept”, “Huh? What am I looking at?” Yeah, I felt kind of special
for not having to pay for my Gatorade…I would have asked for her
number had I not been passing through…she was so cute…I should
have got a picture!

Eventually, I started to grow very tired again, somehow making my way
into Idaho without the slightest clue as to the terrain surrounding
I-84, which I later found out to my dismay, I had missed a lot of
scenic passages due to the night-time rain I pushed myself to drive

I eventually called Davecat again since my drive was getting a bit
boring and needed some human interaction that didn’t involve a food or
fuel purchase. I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but it
helped keep me alert for a few more hours until I eventually pulled up
into town and grabbed a room at a “Sleep Inn” at 4:30 am. I do
remember getting a bit of a discount from the manager since I would
only be there for 6 hours. Again, only another 5.5 hours of sleep
despite the onset of driving exhaustio.


Stay tuned for “The Final Stretch”

Tomas Quinones
Professional Geek

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