Theo Brings the Beer

Theo Brings the Beer
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Some front racks are designed specifically to hold cases of beer.

I ran into Theo while riding the Sunday Parkways route in SE Portland. Riding in Portland with a case or two of beer is so common today that nobody flinches when a stranger pulls up. If anything, the stranger becomes everybody’s instant best friend.

What are the Sunday Parkways?

“Opening streets to walking, bicycling, rolling, and roller blading – without having to watch out for cars!

Sunday Parkways are 7-8 mile “temporary parks” along city streets connecting neighborhoods and residents in North, Northeast and Southeast Portland.

A relaxed, non-competitive, FREE event featuring a variety of activities in several parks and along the routes.”

There were hundreds of riders enjoying the route all the way to the very end at 4pm on this GLORIOUS day. It has been so successful, the city is considering more dates for 2010.

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