They always ask “Why?”

Before and after riding the 200K this past weekend, I’ve had a number of people asking me the reason “Why?”

  • “Wouldn’t you be hung-over?”
  • “Won’t you be cold?”
  • “Won’t you get tired?”

I sometimes answer their question with a question:

  • Why would I want to spend the first of the year nursing a hangover?
  • Why would I waste the day passively watching a sport on TV when I could be participating in the sport of my choice?
  • Isn’t skiing or snowboarding also cold?

Of course, any of these questions are then followed up with something similar to “Yeah, but biking is hard…”
“So is anything else that is physically demanding like backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc…”

To truly answer the question as to “Why?” I have some easy canned answers that usually suffice and keep the conversation short:

  • I wanted to start the new year with a personal challenge, success!
  • I really love riding my bike, just needed to dress warmly
  • It’s a great workout to start the year
  • It gives me a chance to meditate on the go
  • Gotta burn off all that New Year party pizza

What I really love about my circle of friends, close and by association, is that none of them ask me “Why?”, they usually say “Awesome!”

I hope to hear more “Awesome” than “Why” in the future.

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