This makes me a sad, Sad Panda

I really do like Wallace & Gromit, despite selling the original DVD. I still plan on seeing W&G: Curse of the Were-Rabbit this week and buying the reprint DVD in the near future.

What makes me sade is a good deal of the original props from their adventures were burned in a fire early monday morning.

See this Article from the BBC



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  1. Yes, it was sad to hear about the fire. But see the “Curse of the Were Rabbit” ASAP, it is hilarious!

  2. Those props were done anyway, man. And with all the detailed footage from their filmed adventures, they could reproduce them if they needed to.It could be worse. Park could have been chained up in the building and perished in the fire!

  3. It totally sucks big time, but at least there’s a visual record to recreate them if necessary. Of course, it’s purely sentimental stuff since they create all new figures and props for each and every feature.Still, major bummer, dude.

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