Thoughts of a Cubicle Monkey

It is the 1-year anniversary of the day I walked away from a well-paying corporate job to the would-be life of the self-employed.

Fed-up. Burned-out. Disgusted. Tired. Frustrated. Every word imaginable of just being unable to bring myself to go into an office any longer.

I could no longer get paid to do a job I hated. I didn’t mind the people with whom I worked, but rather the people whom I was forced to speak to and listen for 10 hours, 4 days a week. People required to a have some sort of degree and responsibility. People with whom parents leave their children several times a week while they go to work. People who couldn’t tell you how to spell their last name or know “What’s a Clock”

I could no longer numb my mind to the daily repetitive tasks, repeating the same lines at the beginning of the 40+ phone calls per days. I could no longer kill time on the internet “researching”, blogging, or reading pointless news articles.

I had to escape.

A plan was in development. I could save x amount per paycheck and squirrel away enough to pay for tattoo schooling in just a few months. I just had to keep working.

Not good enough.

I could quit in a few weeks after the summer and before we reached “busy” season as students returned to school.

Still not good enough.

A proper notice of resignation could be written and submitted that day.

Close…but it would still involve at least 8 more work days.

That day, I took a massive dive into oblivion.

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