Turn Off That Television!

What Would AJ Do? – The Cellphone That Killed Your TV

I admit it, I sometimes miss my Television watching. I’ve now gone 4 years without cable in my TV save for the short time I was living with my Friends, Derek and Steph, and it frees up a bunch of time and stress of having to be home to catch a show or dealing with the frustration of flipping through channels trying to find something to watch or even worse, watching the same commercials dozens of times per hour.

I miss being able to watch Mythbusters, Monster Garage or American Chopper, Tour de France Coverage, or WRC footage.

However, these shows don’t necessarily negate the effect that most commercials have in making me transform into a large muscular green guy that feels he has to smash everything in his path.

What really has begun to irritate me is the invasive and hypnotic effect that TV seems to have on myself and other people in public places. Every time I go to one of those crap-on-the-walls restaurants, they inevitibly have several ceiling mounted TVs throughout the place that are tuned to some sports broadcast or witless sitcom. I don’t even like those types of shows but can’t help but watch and try to read their lips or closed captions.

“Ah, I’m really enjoying this steak! Oh look, a feminine hygiene product commercial…Gah, my eyes! Give them back!”

The fight for our eyes and social lives is on! Behold the TV-B-Gone!

I am SO getting one of these things and putting it into a cellphone.


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  1. Tomas, don’t forget that we get the TV content in exchange for watching the commercials. They couldn’t afford to make Monster Garage or whatnot without ad revenue. Not unless they turned it into a subscription service, and Americans are already getting nickel and dimed to death as it is.I agree the TV in the crap-on-the-walls restaurants and the ‘family’ restaurants and even the sports bar (where its expected) is annoying, but you are not the only customer there. The proprietor would not have the TV’s if the clientelle all felt as you do.Perhaps you should just avoid crap-on-the-wall restaurants the same way you avoid TV.Anyway, I watch about four or five shows on TV a week. (if you must know, Lost, Desperate Housewives, the Daily Show, and miscellaneous cartoons) I don’t watch commercials. I read magazines or play GBA or doodle while the commercial is on. Problem solved, eh?

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