Uncluttered Inspiration

I’m so in love with Unclutterer Blog and the related Flickr Pool.

The Unitaskers often blow my mind that people will pay money for this stuff. Life the plastic banana slicer, because slicing banana is apparently WAY too hard.

Banana Slicer

I’ve been reading Unclutterer for two years now and have gleamed great inspiration in simplying and being rid of stuff. Even today, I still look at my collection of 50 books and think I have way too many.

One of my favorite categories on clutter-reduction is Extreme Minimalism Mondays. I always get a kick out of seeing what can be done without and what I’ve already been doing with my own life, like keeping my head buzzed short and my beard grow out so that grooming takes up very little time in my day.

Take a look-see. You’ll want to start taking clutter to your local donation center.

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