Vibram FiveFingers KSO – Running Awesomeness

Last week I finally got a hold of the Vibram FiveFingers KSO (Keep Stuff Out) from my local REI. They have been all the rage in the minimalist runners group that I troll via Google and I just HAD to get a pair. This decision has been very rewarding.

I’ve already run 12 miles in them with satisfaction but only have one complaint so far. The large toe on both sides seems to have something going on with the corner seam between the sole and insole. Both toes tend to get a little raw after a couple of miles but it isn’t too bothersome. An attempt to remedy this will happen in the near future.

Fit-wise, I think I might have bought them as size or two too large as I now see that Vibram’s website about fitting indicated my 10″ foot should be in a size 39 KSO, but REI only had a 41. The toes fit OK with a lot of extra room in the 4th and 5th toes and some extra room around the heel. This has not yet been a problem with the general fit and comfort and might even give me some room to wear Injinji toe-socks when it becomes cooler outside.

The sticky outer sole is already proven awesome in the rain during my first run as well as when scrambling over boulders. There is razor siping in the forefoot that adds the extra traction but it seems that general friction and the ability of the forefoot to conform to odd-shaped surfaces is what really give them grip.

Barefoot Ted has been testing a new model of the VFF called the “Trek” that sounds like it’s closer to a hiking boot than a water-sock. The bottom tread has the diamond pattern commonly found on hiking boots and trail shoes and is mean to help on trails with gravel and loose dirt. I hope to get a pair by the end of the year and test this for myself on one of Portland’s many local trails.

The FiveFingers have given me a whole new appreciation for running and has me very eager to run more and more.

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