Weekend Riding Sans Pain

I think I have my road bike pretty well dialed-in. By this, I mean that I have the saddle in a position that fits my legs quite well, a saddle that fits my butt, and the whole thing just fits me well.

Saturday, July 1. I left my place at 10:30am for a ride of undetermined length. I went through downtown Portland, up to Sauvie Island, checked out the beach for a few minutes, then back to downtown, up to Marine Drive to parallel the length of the airport, then down the 205 path to Milwaukie for a BBQ at Matt and Kris’s place.

85 miles in 7 hours.

Sunday, July 2. In preparation for the Seattle to Portland ride on July 15 and 16, Matt, Lee, and I left from my apartment for a 100 mile training ride. We left at 9:45am after doing some tweaking to Matt’s bike, as well as a bit of tweaking to Lee’s.

We rode through downtown, out to Beaverton, up to Hillsboro, through Forest Grove and turned around at Gaston. We made a stop for water at a friend’s house for about 30 minutes, had a bite at Burgerville and basically came back the way we came.

Lee and I broke off from Matt along the Springwater Trail so that he could ride home. We then rode back up to my apartment to complete our goal of 100 miles for the day. We had a few too many stops due to food, dehydration, resupplying, shopping and socializing.

100 miles in 12 hours.

After two full days of riding, I have to say I’ve had no real pain. Usually something is KILLING me after this many hours on the saddle. Sore bum, chafing, wrist pain, lower-back pain, or dehydration headache. But somehow, none of these things were a bother. I was just REALLY tired.

Monday was a rest day. No soreness at all. But general fatigue really set in and made it difficult to not feel sleepy. NO SORENESS IS GOOD.

I guess the additional protein via powered shakes are helping my training. No weight gain yet, but I am seeing a lot more muscle definition. Now I plan on trying “Endurox r4” as a recovery drink to help recoup glycogen for energy and protein then use the shakes as additional protein for muscle rebuilding.

More riding this weekend!


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